Taking an Intro Class at Better Families

Better Families wishes everyone had a great time for New Years with friends and family. Now is the time when everyone looks to start his or her New Years Resolution. Most of the time everyone’s New Years Resolution is to get healthy and/or in shape. This starts by taking an intro class at the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. This style is a Korean form of martial arts that has been passed down for many generations. Intro will further introduce you to the main ideas and concepts of this style.

Important principle of Better Families will be introduced as well. Two phrases will be emphasized to students and instructors everywhere. Those two phrases are respect and self-discipline; with these one will be a great student, martial artists, family member and friend. Without these two it is very difficult to succeed in life. Showing respect goes a long way with how people treat you, especially adults. People value respect and reward it with a great attitude. Self-discipline is what it takes to be a mature person.

Anyone can get stuff done when they are told to. It is more challenging to get stuff done. Self-discipline is what makes the difference between a 27-year-old girl and a 27-year-old woman. Being an adult is more of a mindset than an age grouping. Intro class will also teach some basic kicks, punches and stances that will be used in the Miami Tae Kwon Do curriculum. Better Families takes pride in their students have great fundamentals. Fundamentals stem from what is learned in the introductory class along with the first few belt rankings. This intro class will set the tone for you as a student and as a person for the year 2013.

Let Better Families Help with Your New Year’s Resolution

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and loved ones yesterday. Now is time to start looking forward to the New Years Eve. Many people are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions to make. These resolutions are usually to be healthier and get in shape. This happens typically most of us are very busy with our daily routines. Some of us are in good shape while others need to put in some work. New Years gives people a refreshing feeling to start of the year right. One great way to help make this happen is by creating good habits with exercising and eating right.

Better Families is a place to start creating habits with exercising. There are classes from Monday through Saturday to participate in Miami Tae Kwon Do. This Tae Kwon Do school also offers additionally exercising classes such as cardio kickboxing, beach training and more. Let Better Families help with your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape. Instructors can help guide and push you in a positive direction to get in better shape. Fellow students will be able to give you that support that you have been looking for. Students from Better Families look to encourage whether it is learning Miami Tae Kwon Do or simply bettering each other. Students from Better Families share the same general goal, to better themselves.

Getting in shape leads to have more energy throughout the day and needing less sleep. Having lots of energy will lead to a positive mindset that will make everything easier. A boost of confidence will happen once someone is in good shape. Positive mindset will lead to good things to come, especially for New Year’s Resolutions.

Better Families Holiday Schedule

Businesses everywhere have a holiday schedule with days off around Christmas. Companies have families that want to spend time with each other. Better Families wants their students to spend time with their families and friends. This is why Better Families is taking off December 24-26. Miami Tae Kwon Do school is also taking off New Years Eve and New Years Day. Everyone deserves a break from his or her daily routine, even martial arts students.

Tae Kwon Do school wants to stay every other day so that students can work on their craft. Best students always want to work when no one else is. Training when most people are not is what makes you stand out from the rest. Instructors will be available everyday Better Families is open in order to lead and assist you. Work on getting your stripes so that you can get your next belt as soon as the next year starts. Holiday season is a great opportunity to show friends and family from out of town what you are capable of doing. Talking about it and showing it off are two completely different things.

It is also important for students to train when they can so that they can stay in shape. Students can easily get out of shape during the holiday season. There are so many activities going on with Christmas events that we forget to take care of ourselves. Holiday parties with food and drinks are happening every week One can very easily get out of shape during the holiday season. Be sure to work out on your own when you’re not in Tae Kwon Do class. Avoid the New Years Resolution that most people do, to get in shape. Get in or stay in shape by taking classes at Better Families this holiday season.

Super Hero T-Shirt Day

Better Families wants to start off by saying our thoughts and prayers are there for everyone and their families involved with the incident. We couldn’t imagine what everyone over there is going through. Best all of us can do is giving our support and cherish our families. Holiday season is up and running, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Speaking of the holiday season, when we are not Christmas shopping there holiday events everywhere. As a holiday event, or theme; Better Families will be having a Super Hero T-Shirt Day.

Miami Tae Kwon Do school is allowing students to show off their favorite super hero. Everyone has a favorite super hero no matter how old they are. Some people have many favorite super heroes, especially if they are into comics. This day will be a lot of fun for students, especially young ones. Since everyone will be wearing super hero shirts, no one will feel odd or out of place doing so. Better Families wants everyone to feel comfortable with themselves and their interests. There is no reason for people to hide what they like. A number of people keep interests to themselves due to judging from others. Miami Tae Kwon Do school encourages students and everyone else to be comfortable with who they are.

This will be happening for two days for everyone to wear T-shirts of their favorite super heroes. Instructors and older students will also be wearing T-shirts of their favorite super heroes. Better Families wants everyone to cut loose, this theme is one way to do so. Hope everyone is having a great time this holiday season with family and friends.

December 14 Graduation at 7pm

This Friday Better Families will be hosting a graduation ceremony for the month of December. Mark it on your calendars, December 14 at 7pm. Graduating students and parents are encouraged to show up at 6:30 so that the ceremony can start at 7. It is always best to come early in order to be fully prepared. Some students like to come early in order to get a grasp about what to do for graduation.

This event is to celebrate students who have graduated from one belt ranking to another. Miami Tae Kwon Do school uses this ceremony in order to bring positive reinforcement to students and parents. Some parents have the opportunity to watch their children train while others do not. This ceremony gives an opportunity for students to show their parents everything they have learned. Better Families invites extra family and friends of students who want to be there for that student. This gives Better Families the opportunity to show people Miami Tae Kwon Do who are unfamiliar with the style. Graduation ceremony will also provide a performance by instructors of Better Families. Ceremony will be both a graduation and an entertainment show. People will get to see and meet students, instructors and masters of the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. For those who have never been to a graduation before, take advantage of this opportunity to see event like you’ve never seen before.

Members of the Better Families are friendly people who are easy to approach for any questions about the martial arts. Whether you are a student, student’s friend or family member; look to support our fellow students graduating this Friday. They have worked really hard to get where they are in order to graduate to the next belt. It is satisfying to have your friends and family there for you in order to share such a great moment.


Better Families Programs for Children, Youth and Adults


Programs for children who are youth and adults are available at Better Families. This Miami Tae Kwon Do school does not exclude youths or adults. Many martial arts schools tend to target exclusively adult or youth. Most tae kwon do schools have programs to youths, as they are generally the most interested in martial arts. Better Families does not assume that adult do not want to participate as well. This martial arts school has students within all range of ages. Any student who is mentally or physically able to perform is welcome to join.

Even though who may be a little behind on attributes will be helped along the way to develop their traits. Students should always look to improve themselves whether they are a 15-year-old boy or a 4-year-old woman. There is always room for improvement no matter what. People can always get stronger, faster and more flexible. Most people are not flexible enough as a lot of people have trouble touching their toes. This Miami Tae Kwon Do school offers programs to all ages for all levels. A student can be any age when starting Tae Kwon Do. Even really young children who have trouble with physically ability and coordination can join in order to develop themselves. Students can begin at a very young age in order to start developing mental toughness.

Children who do martial arts at a young age tend to be physically and mentally sharper than the rest. Students at Better Families are taught self-discipline so that they can take action themselves. Better Families wants students to take action themselves in order to make things happened whether they are young or adults. One cannot be too young or old in order to start programs at Better Families. Anyone who is looking to improve himself or herself are welcome to join in on programs from this Tae Kwon Do school.

Better Families Winter Show December 14th, 2012

Winter season has started as the temperature as dropping and the weather in perfect here in South Florida. Many families are continuing with their Christmas shopping and making plans for holiday events. There are many events for the holidays as family and friends are coming in from out of town. Better Families is holding a holiday event of their own. The Miami Tae Kwon Do school will be hosting a winter show next Friday December 14th, 2012.

This event will feature graduating students who will be going from one rank to the next. These graduating students will be doing a performance to show what they have learned. Graduating students’ parents will be present in order to share their child’s accomplishment. Most graduations have instructors and sometimes students give a performance for family and friends to enjoy. This winter event will be special as the performance will be larger with more events and flashiness. Sometimes they will dress up for the holiday season or have colors matching the Christmas season. Everyone is invited whether your friend or family member is graduating or not. Better Families wants everyone to come over whether you are a Miami Tae Kwon Do student or not. There are many events to take part of this holiday season; Better Families Winter Show is one that you should not miss out on.

Better Families wants everyone to have a good time and enjoy the holiday season. Be sure to relax and have a good time by taking advantage of all the events available. Many friends and family will be coming in town to spend time with you. As a reminder, make sure you are being healthy by regularly exercising and eating good food whenever you can.

Get in Shape Ahead of the Holiday Season

Holiday season is the time when many get out of shape for various reasons. Some people are too busy between festivities, shopping, work and everything in order to work out. There are others who are simply eating badly due festivities. Exercising is in the back of people’s mind, especially those who are not in sports. It seems that only people who are active in sports work out during this time of year due to requirement. More people get in worse shape than good during the holiday season. Best idea is to get in shape ahead of the holiday season and maintain it.

Getting in shape requires the combination of a good diet and exercising. Good diet is not as available during the holiday season due to the amount of feasting. Some people do not like to work out outside as they find it too cold. There are others who enjoy working out with this weather. Working out inside is always the answer as it can’t rain out or ever get too dark. Exercising in a building avoids the nightfall issue, as it gets darker earlier at night now.

Better Families is a Miami taekwondo that is available to work out inside of. This school will be open during the holiday season outside of Christmas day and New Years. One can start getting in shape now at Better Families and maintain it at the Miami taekwondo school. Maintaining good shape is almost more important than getting in shape. Many people have gotten in shape at one point of their life, but could not maintain it. Get in shape ahead of the holiday season now at Better Families so that you can enjoy it while feeling good about yourself.

Consider Better Families Merchandise Gifts This Holiday Season

Holiday season is happening, as the weather is getting colder than any other time of year. Everyone is looking to grab their winter clothes that have been sitting in their closets all year round. Some of us have to buy clothes for the weather for various reasons. Some of us have outgrown, shrunk and lost clothes or simply they are outdated. There are a large variety of clothes to choose from between jackets, long sleeves and more. When you are choosing winter clothes to buy, consider checking out merchandise from Better Families

Better Families is a Miami Tae Kwon Do school that offers affordable merchandise to choose from. Tae Kwon Do school offers both long sleeve shirts as well as sweaters. The school’s merchandise is branded with the main logo of the school, which looks very cool. There are multiple colored shirts and sweaters to choose from. Before Better Families generally has black clothes to offer as their main colors are black and yellow. Recently the Miami Tae Kwon Do school has opened up to a variety of colors to choose from. There are other items that would be great to purchase for the holiday season. Those who are interested in martial arts would enjoy having their own Better Families memorabilia.

Students and non-students both would like rip their gift-wrappings in order to find Tae Kwon Do gear. Most children like the idea of ninjas as they are considered amongst kids everywhere. Any form of martial arts is considered interesting and unique to young children. Students from the Miami Tae Kwon Do school would greatly appreciate one for those items as a holiday gift. Some students may have been eyeing certain gear at the gift shop they have desired throughout the year. Better Families merchandise gifts should be worth considering for holiday present this season.

Explaining the Belt System at Better Families

Better Families is a Miami Tae Kwon Do school that has been around for over 20 years. Longevity of this school is rare, as most martial arts school do not last up to 10 years successfully. This martial arts school teaches Tae Kwon Do that originates from Korea. Belt system in this school starts from white belt and ends at black belt in the basic curriculum. Those who have become black can continue to advance to degrees upon black belt up to 10 degrees. Once a martial artist is a 10th degree black belt they are considered a grand master.

White belt is the original belt that a Better Families student begins with. Students who are ranked white belt are taught the basics and fundamentals of the Miami Tae Kwon Do program. Better Families has a stripe system within belt rankings as students earn all stripes before testing for the next belt. Each stripe represents what the students have learned. A stripe is confirmation that the students have learned that particular skill. As the belt ranking progress, curriculum becomes more detailed and complex than the previous belt. Later belt rankings are in preparation for becoming a black belt. One of the major goals for martial artists everywhere is to become a black belt.

A test in order to go up belt ranking involves showing what you have learned as a martial artist. Better Families students are also required a letter of consent from school and home saying that students has behaving well both at home and in the classroom. Showing respect and self-discipline in the house and school is important in order to progress to the next belt ranking. These Miami Tae Kwon Do students are known their good behavior and respect along with their martial arts technique.