Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do has been dedicated to strengthening families through the positive discipline of the Martial Arts since 1988.

To build true confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, and strength in this body. To keep friendship in one another, and to build a strong and happy community. Never fight to achieve selfish ends, but to develop, might for right.”

~Jhoon Rhee

Call us today for more information on joining the family.

(305) 663 – 1882



Next order of business. Summer Camp!

Our camp has three unique programs: 

Elementary, Middle and High School aged students.

Whether your camper is new to the scene or a veteran, we provide an experience filled with unique training opportunities.



One of our favorite things about our camp are the friends made along the way.

To learn more, please contact us at (305) 663-1882.

If necessary, leave us a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, we listen to our voicemails.

(305) 663 – 1882



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