New School year

Better Families would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone an amazing growing school year with many blessings. Despite the times, we know you are equipped to persevere confidently and make us proud. Remember, you have already earned all your A’s. You are awesome, amazing, astonishing and astounding!

There are no limits, except those we put on our self. Reach for the stars and have a blessed school year!

From all of us to our Better Families.

Why Better Families as your Martial Arts training facility?

Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do training is more than a helpful way to get everyone away from electronic devices. Here are our 5 key points to help you understand the benefits of Tae Kwon Do.

1. Respect

The school is a place that commands respect, focus, and honor.

In many martial arts traditions, students of all ages show respect to one and other and their instructor often by bowing.  This gesture is like shaking hands. Such a simple motion sets the tone to molded the new habit. It serves as a reminder to everyone that our school demand focus, respect, and self-discipline – all things that qualify as excellent life skills.

At Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do a character of honor and mutual respect are instructions that permeates the atmosphere.  Students catch it quickly and many parents note a positive character development at home once their child begins practicing Tae Kwon Do.

2. Willpower

Like many other sports, students at Better Families often set measurable personal goals.

Many Tae Kwon Do, Karate and Martial Arts classes uses colored belt system for ranking. Each belt represents a certain level of proficiency and experience. It is customary an evaluation or examination to obtain the next belt rank. Seeing other students wearing higher-ranking belts often inspire students to strive for the next belt level.

Not only does ranking fuel a new level of excitement.  The physical demands of Tae Kwon Do also develop the mental quality of willpower. Whether engaging in group conditioning, sparring, pad training, self-defense with a classmate, students quickly learn to force themselves to work harder than ever before and to never give up.

3. Progress  

One of the benefits of Better Families program is that progress is individual and measure by stripes in their belt. Student can see themselves getting stronger, faster and more flexible; in the same token, they can see themselves one step closer to the new belt level and one step closer to Black Belt. 

Our location in South Miami also emphasize “Mental Progress” with our “MatChat”.  This is where we teach mental qualities to help our students form character trades to succeed in life. 

You probably ask yourself…  What Martial Arts should I choose?  There are many styles you can choose from.  Hapkido, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Jut-Jitsu, Kung-Fu, MMA, just to mention a few.  This are only a tool.  Look further, look for that school that teaches mutual respect, confidence, academic achievement, discipline, self-control.  Look for a school that will help you believe in yourself.

4. Self-Discipline

By attending Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do classes you’ll become accustomed to direction and structure. In this environment you have to pay attention to the task at hand and keep your mind focus.

It’s also crucial to realize that achieving your Tae Kwon Do goals depends on you. No one else can do it for you. This promotes self-reliance and independence!

You’re the one who needs to put in the work to improve and grow. To be your best, you need to be dedicated and put in the required effort.

As you progress you’ll gain self-discipline that will be beneficial in every other aspect of your life as well.

5. Dedication

Better Families challenge students in useful ways.

In our school, students will receive a structured, well-rounded education in physical fitness, mental alertness, humility, and respectful social interaction. They will also gain confidence to face an increasingly scary world with a desire to avoid trouble – and with the ability to deal with it if the need arises.

Also, they will be challenged to dedicate themselves to press on in their pursuit of the next level of achievement. Whether it is passing a hands-on test while the student’s instructor grades them or demonstrating proficiency to graduate to the next belt color, students learn to stick it out even when it’s hard.

No experience necessary

As you can see, training at Better Families will enhance your family values and strengthen your mind and your body. Experience is not necessary plus we promise it will be fun and safe. 

How to Be a Good Tae Kwon Do Student

Taekwondo tradition is based upon positive human values such as self discipline, good conduct, decent behavior, sincerity, honesty, and integrity. Below are steps on what it means to be a Tae Kwon Do student and what you would do every class.

1. State the student creed. Though all may share a prevailing theme, it may differ among schools.

2. Show courtesy and respect to the instructor and all other students at all times. Black belts should be referred to as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’. At the end of any exercise where you have worked with a partner or group, you must bow to your partner or to the members of your group and say ‘Thank you’.

3. Persevere: exercises are often tough and there will be many times when you want to give up, but to persevere is to carry on regardless.

4. Adopt an indomitable spirit: it is likely that you will suffer setbacks at some point during your practice of Taekwondo, but it is important not to let these put you off. ‘Fall Seven times, stand up eight’.

5. Be sensible: don’t over train or try to continue with an injury.

6. Grade whenever possible: don’t miss a grading, prepare yourself properly and be ready for it on time.

9. Compete in tournaments: put your skills to the test against new people. Watch other students and pick up tips.

10. Do extra exercise outside your Taekwondo classes to build fitness, strength and flexibility.

11. Eat sensibly: make sure your diet is high in protein for muscles and carbohydrates for energy (especially on training days).

13. Drink water: before, during and after training. Dehydration can seriously affect your performance.

14. Practice everything you are taught. Go over all the patterns every week to keep them fresh in your mind.

15. Stretch so that you don’t damage your muscles.

For more information on our Miami Tae Kwon Do classes, contact Better Families by calling 305-663-1882.


A Young Boy Overcomes Developmental Obstacles Through Tae Kwon Do

Many experts agree, Tae Kwon Do is a healthy sport for all those who participate, especially children, who gain a number of physical and mental benefits through the practice. Some children start as young as three years old and see improvements in physical strength and balance, concentration, discipline, self-confidence, and even reduced aggression. Recently, the mother of a developmentally challenged 7 year-old boy shared his very inspiring story online- a story that highlights just how strongly Tae Kwon Do can impact a life.

The young boy’s name is Noah Hoover, who was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and suffers from a medical condition called hypotonia, decreased muscle tone resulting from malfunctioning nerve impulses in the brain. To combat the decline of muscles and to help develop movement, Noah attends weekly sessions of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. His mother also placed him in Tae Kwon Do classes, hoping that it would instill focus and drive in him.

“I really think that Tae Kwon Do has really pushed him to get where he really needs to be,” Shelly Hoover said. “When he first went to Tae Kwon Do, it was hard to even watch him because he was struggling so hard to even balance on one foot. Going from that to being able to do all of these moves is great.” Now, it is hard to notice any difference in level between him and his friends.

If you’re interested in our Miami Tae Kwon Do classes, contact us today! It is never too late to get started on the rewarding journey that is learning and mastering a martial art. Our emphasis is on establishing discipline, respect and courtesy in each student. This concept is built into every aspect of Tae Kwon Do instruction through the positive reinforcement of Martial Arts protocol. For more information on our school, contact Better Families by calling 305-663-1882.