Super Hero T-Shirt Day

Better Families wants to start off by saying our thoughts and prayers are there for everyone and their families involved with the incident. We couldn’t imagine what everyone over there is going through. Best all of us can do is giving our support and cherish our families. Holiday season is up and running, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Speaking of the holiday season, when we are not Christmas shopping there holiday events everywhere. As a holiday event, or theme; Better Families will be having a Super Hero T-Shirt Day.

Miami Tae Kwon Do school is allowing students to show off their favorite super hero. Everyone has a favorite super hero no matter how old they are. Some people have many favorite super heroes, especially if they are into comics. This day will be a lot of fun for students, especially young ones. Since everyone will be wearing super hero shirts, no one will feel odd or out of place doing so. Better Families wants everyone to feel comfortable with themselves and their interests. There is no reason for people to hide what they like. A number of people keep interests to themselves due to judging from others. Miami Tae Kwon Do school encourages students and everyone else to be comfortable with who they are.

This will be happening for two days for everyone to wear T-shirts of their favorite super heroes. Instructors and older students will also be wearing T-shirts of their favorite super heroes. Better Families wants everyone to cut loose, this theme is one way to do so. Hope everyone is having a great time this holiday season with family and friends.

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