School Policy

Rules Of The Dojang

  1. Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of class.
  2. Bow when entering or leaving the Dojang (practice area) as a symbol of respect.
  3. Avoid taking part in loud activities.
  4. Parent’s silence is appreciated.  Please keep conversation and phone talk to a minimum.  Our students, instructors and fellow parents will appreciate it.
  5. Warm up prior to class.
  6. Chewing gum or smoking is not allowed in the Dojang.
  7. Wear clean uniform to class.
  8. No shoes will be worn in the Dojang.
  9. No jewelry is to be worn during practice or in class.
  10. No swearing is allowed in the Dojang.
  11. Ask Permission before using any of the equipment.
  12. Sparring without Instructor permission or supervision is not allowed.
  13. Sparring without safety equipment is not allowed.
  14. If late to class, please assume attention stance and raise your hand for instructor acknowledgement.  Salute the instructor and line up in the back of the class regardless of your belt rank.
  15. Let your instructor know if you get injured or ill.
  16. If you must leave the training area for any reason, please get permission first.
  17. No running, horseplay or fooling around in the Dojang.
  18. Parents, please keep siblings and small children away from practice area.

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