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Those of you following our blog are well aware of our Facebook page for Better Families. Miami Tae Kwon Do school has this page for students and anyone else interested. This social media platform displays pictures of the school, merchandise, updates and some conversation pieces. Facebook has allowed us to stay connected with friends and family from one source of media. Social media is also used to branch out to a large audience of people already using the network. Better Families put together a Facebook page in order to connect with fellow students, friends, family and also have an opportunity to meet new people on the web.
New people met can become students or may become a referral for the Miami taekwondo school. Good line of communication is always good to have, especially with a family oriented martial arts school like Better Families. Followers of the Better Families Facebook page can find out about upcoming products and events. People who have not been to the school can find information online. Fans can stay in communication when the martial arts school is not open. Facebook followers are welcome to share pictures, thoughts and ideas about the Miami Tae Kwon Do school.
Feel free to strike pose in the Better Families uniform and post it on the page. We encourage followers to tell others about our page and “Like” us on Facebook. Those who are not following should check out our page and do so. Stay updated with events and products from the Miami Taekwondo school. We appreciate the support for everyone that is already following our Facebook page. Every post is well received with Likes and Comments on a daily basis. If you have a business “Like” us on Facebook and we will “Like” your page back.

Time to Start Thinking About Summer Camp – Give Us a Call

It’s never too early to start thinking about plans for the summer. Those of us who work all day with children to take care of always must think ahead. Summer is vacation for children but isn’t for most of us. We want our children to be somewhere safe during the day while we are working. There are many summer camps to choose from but none like Better Families summer camp. The Miami TaeKwonDo summer camp has been around for over 20 years with a great reputation. Children a part of the Better Families summer camp take part in fun activities throughout the week. Lunch break is provided halfway into the day wherever the camp is present.

Trips including horseback riding, water park sliding, roller skating and more. When the Better Families summer camp is not taking trips, they are providing activities in the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. Activities include learning Tae Kwon Do and other fun game. One popular game in the Tae Kwon Do school is dodge pad. This game is a very fun and safe activity that children enjoy being a part of. Two throwers are on each side as they are attempting to land their pad on everyone in the middle. Dodge pad is a safe game as the pad being thrown is a soft material. Instructors and other camp counselors find creative ways to entertain the children in summer camp.

Give us a call today and find out more about our Better Families summer camp program. We are already signing up children today for the summer camp program. Sometimes we run out of room for summer camp, as it is a very popular program from Better Families. Sign up today to have your children at the Better Families summer camp while you’re working during the day.

Congratulations to Our Graduating Students!

Last Friday Better Families hosted another successful graduation ceremony. Every month the MiamiTaeKwonDo school hosts a graduation ceremony for students graduating from one belt to the next. Students work really hard in orer to graduate to the next belts. Miami Tae Kwon Do students attend classes 2-3 times a week, sometimes more often. The martial arts students are then tested to earn stripes. Each stripe represents a set of techniques that a student has learned. After completing all the stripes, a student is then qualified to start the graduation process.

One last step that Better Families requires is a form fill out by both parents and teachers. This form is to ensure that students are doing a great job at home and in the classroom. Miami Tae Kwon Do school wants their students to be successful in the dojo, at home and in the classroom. Better Families is all about bettering the lives of students and their families. Once a student has earned their entire stripe along with the form filled out with positive remarks, the graduation process begins. At a date is set on a Friday night so that family and friends can attend. This is done so that students can show everyone they have learned throughout the weeks.

Ceremony provides a show with graduating students performing along with the instructors. Graduation event is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to interact with instructors. Better Families instructors welcome any questions about the Miami TaeKwonDo school. The recent graduation was no different than any other as everyone had a great time. Graduation is about celebrating an accomplishment the student as made with many more to come. Be sure to join us next month when we graduate another set a wonderful students.

Better Families will be Collecting for the MS Walk

National Multiple Sclerosis Society has provided funds for search since 1953 to help find a cure. Programs are provided in order to enhance knowledge, health and independence for people with MS and their families. This association is the South Florida area for this society with local events. Among the local events there are walk and bike marathons in order to collect money towards finding a cure. All profits go towards research and education of this issue for people to understand. There will be a Challenge Walk MS (Multiple sclerosis): Charleston Challenge for 3 days covering 50 miles. This event is held in the first weekend of March from the 1st to the 3rd.

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. This system is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. These nerves and senses make up many functions of the human body. Symptoms can start from settle numbness to the limbs to paralysis or loss of vision. Many people and their families struggle with this disease across the country as it’s crippling to everyone. For many years this disease has been untreatable until recently new treatments and advances through research have given hope to families who have a member with MS.

For this event, Better Families has been collecting donation for the MS Walk. Miami taekwondo has already collected a great amount of money and continues to do so. Students along with their families and friends are encouraged to donate towards this great cause. We appreciate all the love and support you have already given towards this cause and to keep Better Families strong. Lets continue to spread the word so that enough money can come in to help find a cute.

Get Sparring Gear from Better Families and Participate in Our Sparring Days

When many people think of martial arts, the first thing that comes to their mind is fighting. Many martial arts schools do not encourage fighting as their skill set is supposed to be for self-defense. Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do is a firm believer that martial arts should only be used for self-defense. Practice is necessary for everything, even for fighting. One way students can practice fighting is through sparring. Sparring is fighting in a controlled environment with gear to protect you from serious damage. Miami Tae Kwon Do school holds sparring days throughout the week.

Days in which students are sparring are on Wednesday and Thursday also known as “B” days. These days’ students bring their sparring gears in order to participate in the activity. It’s important to have your gear ready in order to be involved with sparring. Without your gear, students are not permitted to take part in sparring. Students can purchase sparring gear directly from Better Families as they conveniently provide a pro shop at the school. If for whatever reason the right size is not available, Tae Kwon Do school will order the proper gear for that student.

Miami Tae Kwon Do sparring has levels of speed and intensity in which the students go. There is half speed, three quarter speed and full speed when sparring. It’s important to have levels of speed so that students can pace themselves. Pacing speeds of fighting creates control and understanding for what they are doing. Sparring practice creates experience for students in a fighting situation. More experience a student has with sparring, the better off they are in a fighting situation. So start today and get your sparring gear from Better Families and participate in our sparring days.

Get in Shape Ahead of the Holiday Season

Holiday season is the time when many get out of shape for various reasons. Some people are too busy between festivities, shopping, work and everything in order to work out. There are others who are simply eating badly due festivities. Exercising is in the back of people’s mind, especially those who are not in sports. It seems that only people who are active in sports work out during this time of year due to requirement. More people get in worse shape than good during the holiday season. Best idea is to get in shape ahead of the holiday season and maintain it.

Getting in shape requires the combination of a good diet and exercising. Good diet is not as available during the holiday season due to the amount of feasting. Some people do not like to work out outside as they find it too cold. There are others who enjoy working out with this weather. Working out inside is always the answer as it can’t rain out or ever get too dark. Exercising in a building avoids the nightfall issue, as it gets darker earlier at night now.

Better Families is a Miami taekwondo that is available to work out inside of. This school will be open during the holiday season outside of Christmas day and New Years. One can start getting in shape now at Better Families and maintain it at the Miami taekwondo school. Maintaining good shape is almost more important than getting in shape. Many people have gotten in shape at one point of their life, but could not maintain it. Get in shape ahead of the holiday season now at Better Families so that you can enjoy it while feeling good about yourself.