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Grand Master Mary Beth Klock – Perez

It all began with a simple introduction in 1987 by Joe Klock Sr., who was a wonderful motivational speaker who traveled all around the country. On the way back from one of his seminars he met Jhoon Rhee, the founder of our style.  Mr. Klock quickly introduced his daughter Mary Beth, the eighth child, to Grand Master Rhee. The rest is history!

Mary Beth Klock – Perez, who is now a Grand Master Klock – Perez (“GM Klock – Perez”), quickly jumped at the opportunity to travel with Grand Master Rhee around the country to train along his side. After many seminars and a lot of new experiences, Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do was born in 1988. Did we mention she was a a GOLD BELT and a mother of two children under the age of two! 

Grand Master Diego Perez

Diego Perez (“GM Perez”), began his training in 1975 in beautiful Puerto Rico along side family and friends. He was recognized as the youngest Black Belt in the Jhoon Rhee system and undefeated champion in the Caribbean. He can also play almost every instrument in the world. In 1989 he made his way to Miami to visit Better Families, where he met GM Klock – Perez and the rest was history.

The Power Couple

Collectively, Mary Beth and Diego (“GMs”) made great change in the community. Both earning many awards individually and as a team for their volunteer work and impact in the martial arts industry. The GMs have many numerous of appearances in movies, television shows, articles, and a special request to the White House. The two combined their talents and build Better Families to become one of the top dojos in the country. Talk about a power couple. In 1991 the GMs grew their power-house family.The Power-house Family

Richard, is a successful independent contractor in digital marketing. Karen is the new generation owner of Better Families and a Master in the Jhoon Rhee system. Diego Jr is the right hand man of Better Families and a Master in the Jhoon Rhee system. Something they all have in common is learning how to walk and talk in the four walls of the dojo. Growing up with the “Black Belt attitude” foundation gave these three an upbringing that would set them up for nothing less than greatness.
Miss Karen

Training the moment she could walk. She began teaching at the age of 13. By the age of 19 she started traveling the country teaching seminars on many different subjects pertaining to martial arts. She has two spunky and wonderful daughters, Elizabeth who is a current instructor and Black Belt, and Kayla who is currently taking over the world and working towards her Black Belt. Married to Chris, who was one of the FIRST students to test for his Black Belt at Better Families, and not how they met. Wild story.Master Diego Jr

Earning his White Belt three successful times. Sorry Master Diego, we had to add that. At a very young age, Master Diego took a strong interest in musical theatre. With dedication and a lot of passion he experienced many opportunities on the stage and around the country. He attended many specialty schools throughout elementary school such as South Miami Magnet School, New World School of the Arts, and was accepted to Boston Conservatory. He brings the theatre wherever he goes, just ask our students. “Families who train together stay together.”

When GM Klock- Perez dreamed of Better Families, on a little white napkin, she envisioned families training together. “To build a strong and happy community.”. Along side GM Perez they have served the community for over 35 years and they are just getting started. 

A special acknowledgment to Mary Dot, Joe Klock Sr, and Francis Hernandez.

“Their is divinity in the clouds.” ~Lailah Gifty Akita

You are loved and remembered every single day and with every single achievement. 


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