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In addition to Tae Kwon Do we offer:

Camps (Elementary, middle, and high school) ~ Birthday Parties (Ask about our TEENAGER experience)

Specialized Classes (Weapons, Sparring, and Tricking) ~ Private Lessons (Individualized or Group)

Parents Night Outs (Different themes) ~ Adult Workshops (You deserve a little fun too)

Team Building (You come to us or we go to you)

Tournaments (Friendly way to try something different and build confidence in-house)

Specialized Experiences

“I Am Bully Proof” (Elementary): Designed to empower students and instill confidence. We discuss how to interact/react differently with others under pressure and how to avoid certain situations.

“Catch Me If You Can Challenge” (Middle): Same concept as our “I Am Bully Proof Challenge” with a more direct approach, the perfect balance for the transition from elementary to middle school students, even preparing them for high school. This age group come with a lot of challenges, fitting in, finding the right friends, and new concerns that arise by the second. Our delivery tactic for this age group is “chill” and “cool”, giving students the opportunity to engage more.

“Be In Charge Challenge” (High School): Piggy-backing on our “Catch Me If You Can Challenge”. This “workshop” is presented differently. This experience becomes an empowering “vibe”, allowing students to open up to our message. Instructors show up in a causal fashion allowing students to not be distracted by a “karate kid” uniform. The details matter. With our organic approach, more often than not, we are able to reach and positively influence this tough crowd.

Functional Self-Defense: Build your awareness and natural reactions. We cover what and how to be aware of when walking alone, getting the kids in the car, off to college, and many more specific events. Something as simple as “holding your keys can make escaping a breeze”.

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