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Better Families is a Miami Tae Kwon Do school located on 5754 Bird Road in South Miami that has been in operation since 1989. Our mission statement is to promote fitness and self-discipline among families through the teaching of martial arts, namely the system of Tae Kwon Do developed by well-known martial artist Jhnoon Rhee. It applies a philosophical approach to martial that emphasizes not only physical strength but integrity, confidence, ethics, and academic performance.

We have programs available for all level of martial artist, from beginner to expert, and offer Children, Teen, and Adult programs to include entire families in our dojo. They are designed to teach our students a high level of Martial Arts with many other benefits. Better Families will help each and every student maximize their potential by bringing out the best in themselves. Our curriculum was designed to fit all levels whether beginning or advanced.

Our emphasis is on establishing discipline, respect and courtesy in each student. This concept is built into every aspect of Tae Kwon Do instruction through the positive reinforcement of Martial Arts protocol. The program builds confidence and character by providing students with control over their bodies and developing their ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations. No matter the age level, our programs are exciting, motivating, and fun!

Black Belts Schools of America has described our group as being “among America’s top most prestigious martial arts schools” and several of our instructors have received accolades, including our founder and director, Master Mary Beth Klock-Perez. Over 600 families have been served by the studio, which formally encourages the participation of beginners. In addition to selling sparing equipment, Better Families regularly provides birthday party services for children.

For more information on our Miami Tae Kwon Do classes, contact Better Families by calling 305-663-1882.

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