Congratulations Jewelianna Ramos and Rodrigo Perez!!!

1240141_595023177203415_222678122_nBetter Families wants to congratulate the Better Families Competition Team at an impressive performance at the International Martial Arts Festival. Students that represented the Miami Tae Kwon Do school showed power, skill, discipline and respect for others. Competition team is one of the many reasons why Better Families has the great reputation it is. Today we want to give attention to two students who achieved an outstanding achievement as 2013 National Team Champions. The Traditional Team Forms competition at a national level is televised on ESPN3 for the world to see.

This tournament was hosted at the Walt Disney World Resort where students come from all over the world to compete. Two students named Jewelianna Ramos and Rodrigo Perez competed as a Team Better Families to become 2013 Traditional Team Forms National Champions.The team’s performance was aired on ESPN3 before they were awarded the championship. Traditional Forms is a style of competition that displays power, discipline, skill and fundamentals. Commentators were mentioning how Better Families has a great reputation on a national level. Miami Tae Kwon Do school was described as a very strong program owned by the Perez’s who do a tremendous job for the community.

We are so proud of this team and all students who compete in tournaments throughout the year. Better Families is looking forward to giving more updates on the competition team. Picture shows both Jewelianna Ramos and Rodrigo Perez.
In other news, school is back for most of us as the season of fall has just begun. We hope everyone had a wonderful summer and succeed in the classroom. Future success can be created anywhere whether it’s the classroom, dojo, socially or in the house where there is always room for improvement. Create goals whether it’s getting straight A’s, winning martial arts tournaments or being more helpful in the house.

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