Two Fundamental Tae Kwon Do Kicks

Kicks in Tae Kwon Do are what stand out from the rest of the other martial arts. The Miami Tae Kwon Do style specializes in kicks, as there are a variety of kicks involved. The fundamentals must be instilled upon a student once he or she has become an apprentice before trying more difficult techniques. Two fundamental Tae Kwon Do kicks that Better Families teaches includes the front kick and round kick.
The front kick is the first kick that is taught at Better Families within the first ranking of white belt. In order to successfully perform a front kick, your body must be positioned correctly.
All kicks in Better Families require you to have your guard up at all times. This is very important in order to show good form as well as being ready for anything defensively. The positioning of a front kick requires you to have your front foot pointed forward so that your leg is creating the correct angle for your kick. You will then lift your knee straight up, then kick up, once the leg is back down keep the knee up for good form before putting the foot back down. The round kick is more complex than the front kick as your back foot must be pivoted away from your body.

The Miami Tae Kwon Do School wants you to learn how to do a front kick before attempting the round kick. The round kick you will have the front of your leg faced forward with your body as your body is turned to the side. The pivot foot in the stance creates balance and stability for when your body is sideways. For the round kick, your toes will be touching the floor as your leg is straight and your knee will bend the leg for a snap kick. Better Families ensures that their students receive the fundamental as Miami Tae Kwon Do martial artists.

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