Better Families Tae Kwon Do Belt System

The Better Families ranking process is through a belt system. New students for the Miami Tae Kwon Do school will begin with a white belt. All students will start with this belt as they are introduced to the Korean martial arts. The basics will be taught from punching, blocking and kicking. Fundamental principles to the Miami Tae Kwon Do school will be taught as well. The importance of respect and self-discipline will be taught through the rankings.

The curriculum that a student will learn at the white belt level will be the fundamentals for the higher rankings. Importance of getting the basics down cannot be stressed enough, as the fundamentals will be emphasized at all belt rankings. The next belt ranking is the gold belt when the students’ starts moving forward with more advanced Miami Tae Kwon Do techniques to learn. The belt rankings will gradually increase with time and technique learned. As the belt rankings progress, the curriculum will become more and more complex.  The closer a student is to becoming a black belt, the slower that the progress is due to the difficulty.

In the beginning rankings, limited physically ability is acceptable due to performing basic techniques. As the belt rankings progress, the student required to be physically superior in terms of strength, speed and flexibility. A student cannot surpass a certain ranking without a high level of speed, strength and flexibility. Belt rankings are not given to any of the students at Better Families; they are earned. Better Families students are within the best martial artists in the country due to the thorough process of their belt ranking system. Students who achieve the black belt are accomplished martial arts that are great athletes and are very knowledge of the Miami Tae Kwon Do program.

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