Practicing Sparring at Better Families

Better Families teaches their students to only use their martial arts to defend themselves. Students learn martial arts in order to build the confidence to talk their way out of a fight. The ability to defend yourself is much more important than the ability to beat someone up. Even though there are rare instances in which fighting to defend yourself will happen, you must be prepared. The best way to prepare for anything is through practice.

Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do Miami provides sparring classes for students to practice the martial they learned. The sparring participants are provided protection for their feet, hands, head as well as torso. The protection allows higher level of speed and power with the striking without injury. The Tae Kwon Do Miami students go half and full speed both in order to practice their craft. Instructors monitor the students in order to ensure safety. Sparring can have a point system in which one score a point when striking another. Better Families sparring also has continuous sparring where the students continue fighting until the time is up. The students punch and kick for strikes without using knees or elbows. The main rule is that one student is not allowed to hit the other student in the face. Hitting someone’s face can be very dangerous and should only be used when defending yourself.

The idea is for students to learn to protect themselves for when or if the situation ever happens. It is always best to be prepared for anything and to have the confidence knowing that you can protect yourself. Better Families is a Tae Kwon Do Miami school that takes pride in their students not harming others while being able to protect themselves as well as others.

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