Graduation Last Friday!

Better Families hosted a graduation ceremony this past Friday at the dojo. Students from many belt levels were present to be rewarded their next belt. All these students have worked very hard to earn their new rank. Miami Tae Kwon Do school go through a difficult process to earn these belts. A student must prove they have mastered their current belt curriculum by being tested for it. Passing the tests is only a part of the process as there is a fill out form process. The students’ guardians and teachers telling how that student has behaved generally fill out this fill out form.
It’s important that the student has good marks in terms of their behavior in order to advance to the next ranking. Ceremony was tons of fun with family and friends present to watch the student graduate. Graduating students give a small performance showing what they have learned for everyone to see. Instructors also take part by performing advanced forms for entertainment. Everyone has a great time as members generally spend time after the graduation becoming further acquainted. Miami Tae Kwon Do school is a large extended family with over hundreds of members having a great relationship with each other.
Better Families hosts a graduation ceremony once a month that runs successfully as this one was no different. We appreciate everyone who was present at the graduation whether you’re students, parents, friends or family members all of you are welcome. Those who did not graduate last week will have an opportunity to advance their ranking next month. Simply receiving is new belt does not cut it for this martial arts school as we feel such an accomplishment should be celebrated Success should be praised, as often as possible, positive reinforcement is the best motivation for hard work.

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