Get Sparring Gear from Better Families and Participate in Our Sparring Days

When many people think of martial arts, the first thing that comes to their mind is fighting. Many martial arts schools do not encourage fighting as their skill set is supposed to be for self-defense. Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do is a firm believer that martial arts should only be used for self-defense. Practice is necessary for everything, even for fighting. One way students can practice fighting is through sparring. Sparring is fighting in a controlled environment with gear to protect you from serious damage. Miami Tae Kwon Do school holds sparring days throughout the week.

Days in which students are sparring are on Wednesday and Thursday also known as “B” days. These days’ students bring their sparring gears in order to participate in the activity. It’s important to have your gear ready in order to be involved with sparring. Without your gear, students are not permitted to take part in sparring. Students can purchase sparring gear directly from Better Families as they conveniently provide a pro shop at the school. If for whatever reason the right size is not available, Tae Kwon Do school will order the proper gear for that student.

Miami Tae Kwon Do sparring has levels of speed and intensity in which the students go. There is half speed, three quarter speed and full speed when sparring. It’s important to have levels of speed so that students can pace themselves. Pacing speeds of fighting creates control and understanding for what they are doing. Sparring practice creates experience for students in a fighting situation. More experience a student has with sparring, the better off they are in a fighting situation. So start today and get your sparring gear from Better Families and participate in our sparring days.

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