Vote for Better Families Local Top Ten

Better Families is a Miami Tae Kwon Do school that is widely known across the city of Miami. For those who don’t know, Better Families has been a successful martial arts school for over 20 years. Recently the Local Ten news has set up a top 10 for various businesses. Categories in which Better Families is selected to be voted in are for aerobic, gym, martial arts, pilates and yoga. Many businesses have already been making a push for their company to be ranked number one in their category. We already have the Perez family making a push for this through their social media. Word of mouth, social media and now this blog are happening to spread the word. This will allow more people to know about the Miami Tae Kwon Do school that you know and love. More people should be introduced to this program so they can know how great the school is. This is a great opportunity to create a larger audience for people to know about the Miami Tae Kwon Do school Better Families.

Whenever you get the chance, one can vote daily by clicking here to vote for Better Families. There are two options when it comes to signing up order to vote. One can sign up on the channel 10 website or simply login through Facebook. Those who do not want to take the sign to fill out their information in another website are welcome to login through Facebook. When one votes and logs in through Facebook their vote is shown on their page. This will show friends on Facebook what they are doing and who they are voting for. Better Families encourages students, friends and family to vote daily to push up to the top 10. Our goals are always up there so eventually we want to be number one!


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