Better Families Special Martial Arts Style

Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do is a special and unique martial arts style. Most martial arts styles are about the technique and principles of it. This Miami Tae Kwon Do school follows these guidelines to a typical martial arts with their own set of principles. Most martial arts school strictly follows the code of their style and nothing else. Better Families follows the code of Tae Kwon Do along with their own principles to share for students. This martial arts school puts a strong emphasis on respect, self-discipline and students bettering their lives. As the name says; Better Families, is about bettering the lives of their students and families.

Students are encouraged to do well in school as well as behave in the household. Good behavior in the house is encouraged and rewarded with small prizes for young children. Young children are being conditioned at an early age to be respectful to others, especially elders. Creating good habits in terms of behavior and being productive goes a long way with being a successful adult. Good habits make it easier to behave well as it becomes natural for them. Better Families students behave differently as most martial artists due to their lack of aggression. One way to point out a Miami Tae Kwon Do student is their sense of confidence and positive attitude. Students with terrible attitude do not progress from one ranking to another. There is a major difference between a martial artist and a person who simply knows some kicks and punches.

This unique style has had Better Families stand out from other martial arts schools for over 20 years. There is no other Miami Tae Kwon Do school like Better Families. Teaching family values along with technique and principle is what separate this school from the rest.


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