Happy Easter from Better Families

Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do staff hopes everyone is having a great Easter. Out martial arts school is all about family and today is one just for that. Family members gather whether it’s aunts, cousins, uncles or grandparents. This holiday is for young children as they run around searching for eggs. Many eggs are plastic providing prizes the kids. Some families spend all weekend coloring eggs and preparing for this big day. So often our families do not spend enough quality time with each other.

Easter is a wonderful opportunity for family members to spend time with each other. Children are running around looking for eggs and potentially prizes while elders are sitting back enjoying themselves. This holiday is a great opportunity for family members to catch up over lost time. Most of us have no gathered since Christmas or New Years celebration. These days all of us are so busy with the daily routine and forget to make time for each other. Best part of holidays is simply family gathering together enjoying each other’s company.

Even though some children grow out of Easter Egg hunting, family members still gather to watch the younger ones hunt for eggs. Miami Tae Kwon Do will be closed along with many stores around Miami. Better Families is regularly closed on Sundays for occasions such as Easter. Some families will be going to church in the morning in order to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. Regardless of your religion, this holiday is about family. Be sure to have a great time and make an effort to spend more time with each other. We will see many of tomorrow to get back at it again. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful time with your family.

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