Week 3 Summer Camp: X-tReMe MaRtIaL aRtS wEeK

Even though we are in the middle of the week, we would like to give you a full update on how week 3 summer camp works. This week the Miami Tae Kwon Do school will be having X-treme Martial Arts Week. Starting from Monday through Friday we will be giving you an update on theme/daily of the day.

Monday: Today campers will start the journey of “X-tremeness”. Campers will be taking gymnastics class. Students will be learning about the different styles of martial arts around the world.

Tuesday: Bring YOUR favorite song to create YOUR X-treme Weapon form too! Campers will take their basics and turn it into a master piece. In order to keep their ninja strength they will be learning how to put together a ninja snack (Very important that we know of ALL allergies please).

Wednesday: Campers will be learning how to control a weapon as well as learning the protocol. Due to many new campers we will be using “Noodle” as our Bo, if you are a current student you are welcome to bring your Bo.

Thursday: Ninjago!!!! Girls and Boys will be re-creating their own version of ninjago. Campers will be asked to wear ONE color to help add to the ninjago handmade mask.

Friday: FREE Friday!!!

Stay Updated as we will continue to post these updates about every week of summer camp throughout the season. We hope everyone is having a wonderful time for summer. It may be a little late, but it’s never too late to congratulate our Miami Heat. Better Families staff, family and friends stood proudly behind our team throughout the playoffs. Not only these players represent our city but are also great people as well. Lebron James and Heat players are wonderful role models for our students and community.

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