Using Tae Kwon Do for The Right Reasons

Better Families ensures that their students use their Tae Kwon Do for the right reasons. Martial arts in general should only be used as self-defense, not for harming others. The exercise that comes from Miami Tae Kwon Do is beneficial to one’s health. The discipline developed from learning Tae Kwon Do has a student maintain focus.

Better Families cannot stress enough that the martial arts a student acquires should never be used on another person, especially if not in self-defense. The first line of defense is for a student to respectfully talk their way out of the situation, than using their martial arts as last resort. The ability to able to protect one’s self gives the student a high level of confidence. The confidence to talk themselves out of unpleasant situations goes a long way in keeping one out of trouble.

The exercising assists in a student’s developing better strength, cardio, and flexibility. Flexibility comes from the kicking that is a main component in Miami Tae Kwon Do, with plenty of stretching. The cardio comes from the light exercising to warm up for class along with the curriculum itself. Strength is developed through push-ups, sit ups, striking, and remaining in a stance for a period of time for leg strengthening. Students from Better Families typically stay in good shape, maintaining is not easy for a lot of people. Overall health is enhanced due to students acquiring, as well as maintaining, good cardio, strength, and flexibility.

Miami Tae Kwon Do demands a lot of discipline from a students in order to progress as a martial artists. The overall discipline a students acquires in martial arts is shown in the household, work place, and classroom. Self-discipline is most pivotal in Better Families, as they want the students the make the right decisions on their own. The ability to be productive without having to be told to be is a quality that is valued everywhere.

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