The Importance of Using Tae Kwon Do for Self Defense

When learning Miami Tae Kwon Do from Better Families, self-defense is one of the main focuses in the curriculum. You can never be too young or too old to learn how to defense yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small girl or a large man that seems more than capable of defending himself.

Students at Better Families are taught how to defend themselves using Tae Kwon Do along with communication skills to avoid a bad situation. The best way to defend you is to avoid the conflict in the first place. This has to be done respectfully and delicately without any physicality.  The younger students at Better Families are taught to yell stranger danger when with a stranger rather than “stop” and “go away”. This is important because children who are upset at their parents can express those two words. These children are also taught how to defend themselves just in case they cannot remove themselves from a rough situation. Being defensive is the key to self-defense in the Miami Tae Kwon Do program. You want to ensure that the attack has to leave his or her comfort zone in order to attack you. The attack should have as little control of the situation as possible. Remove any grip or closeness that the attacker may have towards you.

When you know that you are able to defend yourself, you then have the confidence necessary in order to talk your way out of bad situations. Confidence in you is based upon having the ability to be ready for anything; this cannot be any truer than being able to defend yourself. Miami Tae Kwon Do students from Better Families are more than capable of defending themselves in many situations. Students from the Tae Kwon Do school also know how to avoid bad situation and to get themselves out of these circumstances as well.

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