Leave Your Own Recommendations on Local 10 Review of Better Families

Better Families has recently started participating in the Local 10 top ten contests. This contest involves local businesses taking votes to see which one is most popular in their category. Even though other martial arts schools have started before, Miami Tae Kwon Do school is making a strong push to be in the top 10. Anyone associated with Better Families whether you’re blog readers, social media followers, students or friends and family of students you are encouraged to vote.

Every vote counts so that people can know how great our Tae Kwon Do program is. Everyone can vote everyday so don’t forget to vote on a daily basis. We have until March 10th for this contest to end so it’s best to stay at it. This contest shows how committed students, customers, followers, fans, employees and employers are of their business. Outside of voting, students and their families are welcome to leave a recommendation for Better Families.

This is one recommendation posted by Robin for Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do. “Absolutely the best family oriented martial arts academy in all of South Florida. They not only cater to the entire family by offering classes for all ages, and skill levels, but the entire teaching staff at Better Families is extremely inviting and continue to challenge their students to strive to be the best in and out of their academy. The classes are structured in such a fashion that this school is not only creating skilled martial artists able to defend themselves if ever necessary, but they are also teaching students self discipline, self confidence, and promoting a healthy lifestyle all the while teaching positive values through their example.” Please feel welcome to leave you’re recommendation on the Local 10 Review of Better Families.


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