In the Spotlight: Master Karen Klock-Perez

Better Families wants to introduce you to Master Karen Klock-Perez. She is the daughter of the Miami Tae Kwon Do school’s owners Grand Master Diego Perez and Master Mary Beth Klock-Perez. Karen grew up in the school since it first started in 1988. Master Karen is the manager and head instructor of the Tae Kwon Do school. It is easy to find her, as she’s involved with all the school activities. Karen is not only a skilled martial artist, but a talented instructor as well.

Like the rest of her family, Karen was exposed to Tae Kwon Do at an early age as she was crawling in the karate school. As a child of both Masters, she was familiar with the curriculum. Regardless of the fact she was family, Karen went from white to black belt like everyone else. After Karen became a black belt, she chose to be around and learn from other instructors. Mast Karen Perez has learned so much over the years as a martial artist as well as instructor and continues to do so. In the 2002 she officially became a certified instructor.

At a very young age, she has accomplished a lot as an instructor. Karen was featured as “Celebrity Instructor” in a prominent Martial Arts Trade Magazine in 2010. She was also a speaker at the United Professionals National Convention in Arizona. Better Families instructor Master Karen is also an innovator as she started the groundbreaking “Tiny Dragons” program that is now being introduced to schools nationwide. Tiny Dragons is a program where 2-4 year old are taught discipline, respect, structure and martial arts. Over the years Master Karen Klock-Perez has grown to become a successful martial artist, instructor and role model in the community as she continues to improve each and everyday.

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