In the Spotlight: Grand Master Diego Perez

Better Families wants to highlight the one and only Grand Master Diego Perez. He is an 8th degree black who has practiced martial arts for over four decade. At a young age he was a largely accomplished martial artists. Over twenty years ago Diego was honored as the youngest person to earn the rank of Master in Jhoon Rhee System. Jhoon Rhee is the grand master who brought Tae Kwon Do over to America from Korea. Grand Master Perez was an undefeated Caribbean champion in musical forms and full contact fighting. Diego has accomplished more at a young age than many have in a lifetime. Outside of martial arts; in addition he has appeared in many television shows and movies. For example he was a part of “ Only the Strong”, “The Crew”, Mortal Contact”, “Transporter 2” and “Drug Wars”.

He was originally from Puerto Rico and moved to America to create the foundation for Better Families. Diego Perez helped the Miami Tae Kwon Do school grow into the business it is today Diego has become a sought after national speaker and martial arts consultant. Grand Master is also an amazing instructor who has produced numerous state, national and world champions. Art of teaching is another skill set within it. Many martial artists have trouble passing on their greatness to other students and instructors. Diego Perez is able to find a champion in each of his students at the Miami Tae Kwon Do school.

Better Families is a school that takes pride in bettering the lives of their students and families. Grand Master Perez helps lead the way to create a positive influence on children and adults everywhere. His wife Master Mary Beth Klock-Perez is the co-owner with him for Better Families. Diego is a great father, role model, instructor and martial artist for children and adults to learn from.

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