How to Be a Good Tae Kwon Do Student

Taekwondo tradition is based upon positive human values such as self discipline, good conduct, decent behavior, sincerity, honesty, and integrity. Below are steps on what it means to be a Tae Kwon Do student and what you would do every class.

1. State the student creed. Though all may share a prevailing theme, it may differ among schools.

2. Show courtesy and respect to the instructor and all other students at all times. Black belts should be referred to as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’. At the end of any exercise where you have worked with a partner or group, you must bow to your partner or to the members of your group and say ‘Thank you’.

3. Persevere: exercises are often tough and there will be many times when you want to give up, but to persevere is to carry on regardless.

4. Adopt an indomitable spirit: it is likely that you will suffer setbacks at some point during your practice of Taekwondo, but it is important not to let these put you off. ‘Fall Seven times, stand up eight’.

5. Be sensible: don’t over train or try to continue with an injury.

6. Grade whenever possible: don’t miss a grading, prepare yourself properly and be ready for it on time.

9. Compete in tournaments: put your skills to the test against new people. Watch other students and pick up tips.

10. Do extra exercise outside your Taekwondo classes to build fitness, strength and flexibility.

11. Eat sensibly: make sure your diet is high in protein for muscles and carbohydrates for energy (especially on training days).

13. Drink water: before, during and after training. Dehydration can seriously affect your performance.

14. Practice everything you are taught. Go over all the patterns every week to keep them fresh in your mind.

15. Stretch so that you don’t damage your muscles.

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