Birthday Party

If you think our Instructors are fun in class you should see them at a Birthday Party!

Imagine… who better to help celebrate your child’s birthday than the fun and outrageous instructors here at Better Families?  We are sure you have seen the energy and enthusiasm our instructors put into their classes, now imagine that energy mixed with the fun and entertainment of a birthday party.  It will be one of the most thrilling and entertaining birthday your family has ever experienced.  You just sit back, relax, and enjoy all the fun!

Choose your own Party Experience…

  1. Basic Party
  2. Board Breaking Party
  3. Nunchaku Party

How to schedule:

Your child’s birthday may not be for a while, however, we would feel terrible if we didn’t give you plenty of time to schedule.  Please do not delay!  We usually only have four openings per month, so call us today to schedule their birthday party ahead of time…

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