Happy Halloween from Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do

The Miami Tae Kwon Do School Better Families wants to wish you a Happy Halloween. Enjoy your night by having a great time with your friends and family. Many of you probably dressed up for work and school during the day. There will people at Better Families dressed up for the holiday as well. Today there will also be plenty of facebook posts of Halloween costumes and tweets for quotes of the holiday. Everyone has the opportunity to cut loose from his or her everyday routine and dress up differently.

Everyday outside of Halloween we are required to dress a certain way for our job, school and even the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. Today is the one-day that you do not have to follow the dress code rules and dress however you please. We have the opportunity to use our imagination and dress up however we please. Some of you will probably come up with some silly costumes that everyone will enjoy. A karate zombie would be a fun option as being a zombie is a trend right now. There are many martial arts themed costumes to choose from.

It is important that everyone has a great time while being safe. There are many festivities for this holiday including city crowds, neighborhood walks and Halloween parties. Whether you are walking around Coconut Grove or inside of your neighborhood, it is important to be in groups near each other. Best way to be safe is by being near each other in case anything happens or anyone gets lost. Safety is really important, especially since it is really dark out at this time of the year. Better Families wants you to have a great time with your family and friends. Be sure to post your costume pictures on the facebook page so that everyone can see your costume.

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