Getting Ready for Graduation this Month at Better Families

March is another month of the year in which Better Families will be hosting a graduation ceremony. Every month the Miami Tae Kwon Do school hosts a graduation ceremony for students who have advanced to the next belt ranking. Students are required to earn all stripes from their previous belt before testing to graduation to their next belt. Testing in order to graduate to the next belt is not an easy task as everyone works hard to pass his or her test.

Belt ranking test involves students showing what they have learned by performing the entire belt curriculum on their own without assistance. Instructor will evaluate the testing students and decide whether he or she is ready to graduate or not. Miami Tae Kwon Do students are also required to fill out a form signed by both parents and teachers. Both parents and teachers have to write how respectful their student/child is before graduating. This is important for Better Families, as we want students who excel in the dojo, home and classroom. Better Families students have a great reputation as they look to improve themselves on a daily basis.

Tae Kwon Do school does not encourage students to use their martial arts on others. A student should only use their martial arts in a defensive situation. This ceremony is for students to celebrate their accomplishment with family and friends. Both instructors and students perform for visiting family and friends present at graduation. Graduating students will be able to show off everything they have learned. This ceremony is done every month on a Friday after earlier classes. Graduation for March is this Friday as we encourage everyone to show up and have a great time.

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