Friendship Tournament a Success at Better Families

Over the weekend Better Families hosted a Friendship Tournament. This tournament is for students to have a friendly competition. Friendship Tournament is a great opportunity for students to learn to perform in front of others. Many students use the Friendship Tournament as valuable experience for other martial arts tournaments. This martial arts competition involves forms, sparring and even bopper sparring for younger children. Form competition involves students displaying what they have learned in their curriculum. Students perform their form and the judges give a score.

Whichever student receives the highest total score receives the 1st place trophy. Sparring and bopper sparring work in a point system where contact leads to a point and the most points win. Sparring competition is an elimination tournament one on one until one student is left remaining. Tournament largely consists of Miami Tae Kwon Do students, as others are welcome to sign up. Instructors and advanced students help run the tournament in the school. Family and friends were present to view students compete against one another. Better Families hosts this tournament in February annually in representation of Valentine’s Day. This event was a wonderful experience for students along with their family and friends. Friendship Tournament is a smaller scale version of other martial arts tournaments to be ready for.

Check out the Better Families Facebook page to see pictures from the Friendship Tournament. Feel free to post any pictures you may have had from the event to post as well. We hope everyone had a great time as we most definitely did. This was another successful month of the Miami Tae Kwon Do school and you are the reason why. We always appreciate the support from students, their family, friends and other followers of Better Families.

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