Feel Free to Post Pictures on Facebook!

Better Families has been active with Facebook and Twitter to interact with a whole new audience online. This activity allows the Miami Ta Kwon Do school to interact with current students and family online along with meeting new people. The internet is a media with millions of people that can be discovered in and instance. Tae Kwon Do school has been posting pictures, updates and features on the Facebook page and will continue doing so. We encourage followers to post any pictures they may have to share with the martial arts school.
Pictures can be of students involved with Better Families or any picture involving Tae Kwon Do. Post pictures can be from the past or present as new picture is welcome on the fan page. Past pictures of Better Families students whether they are former ones or simply old pictures of current students. Former and current students are welcome to post pictures of when they were participating for the Tae Kwon Do school. Many students have come and gone throughout the years, as all of them are welcome.
Followers of this fan page are very interactive as every post is followed with a “Like” or “Comment”. Sharing pictures is fun, especially for us who may not have seen some of them before. Fan page can be treated as a photo book of Better Families and everything else involving the martial arts school. We plan to keep everyone involved with the social media while posting pictures and updates. Ideally the fan page will grow with more followers so that this martial arts school can have a larger audience. More the better when it comes to social media followers and students for the Miami Tae Kwon Do school.

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