Consider Better Families for Your Next Birthday Party

Miami Tae Kwon Do school Better Families hopes everyone had a great weekend. Spend a part of your weekend with us for your child’s birthday. We host birthday parties for families who are interested in celebrating their birthday party with us. Better Families can put together a fun and exciting birthday party for friends and family. There is a central mat where children can run and play while parents have chairs to sit in. Food, drinks and chairs are a good distance away from where all the action is happening.

Party starts as soon as the music begins and people are running around having a great time. Parents and their friends will be able to sit back and relax watching the others play. Depending on the child’s age, Better Families provide different service. Older children will be interested in performances and board breaking competition. There will be game including dodge pad, where children avoid getting hit by a pad. How the game works; children gather in the middle while there are throwers in each side. Throwers will attempt to land the pad on a child and then they are out. This game will continue until there is only one child left standing.

Lunch break will be provided during the party with pizza or whatever the family desires. Of course there is the candle blowing where everyone sings happy birthday. Some birthday parties include a short Tae Kwon Do class that introduces children to the martial arts. Performances are provided by instructors and advanced students so that party members can see what Miami Tae Kwon Do is all about. Celebrate your next birthday party with us at Better Families for a fun Miami Tae Kwon Do party!!

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