Time to Start Thinking About Summer Camp – Give Us a Call

It’s never too early to start thinking about plans for the summer. Those of us who work all day with children to take care of always must think ahead. Summer is vacation for children but isn’t for most of us. We want our children to be somewhere safe during the day while we are working. There are many summer camps to choose from but none like Better Families summer camp. The Miami TaeKwonDo summer camp has been around for over 20 years with a great reputation. Children a part of the Better Families summer camp take part in fun activities throughout the week. Lunch break is provided halfway into the day wherever the camp is present.

Trips including horseback riding, water park sliding, roller skating and more. When the Better Families summer camp is not taking trips, they are providing activities in the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. Activities include learning Tae Kwon Do and other fun game. One popular game in the Tae Kwon Do school is dodge pad. This game is a very fun and safe activity that children enjoy being a part of. Two throwers are on each side as they are attempting to land their pad on everyone in the middle. Dodge pad is a safe game as the pad being thrown is a soft material. Instructors and other camp counselors find creative ways to entertain the children in summer camp.

Give us a call today and find out more about our Better Families summer camp program. We are already signing up children today for the summer camp program. Sometimes we run out of room for summer camp, as it is a very popular program from Better Families. Sign up today to have your children at the Better Families summer camp while you’re working during the day.

Congratulations to Our Graduating Students!

Last Friday Better Families hosted another successful graduation ceremony. Every month the MiamiTaeKwonDo school hosts a graduation ceremony for students graduating from one belt to the next. Students work really hard in orer to graduate to the next belts. Miami Tae Kwon Do students attend classes 2-3 times a week, sometimes more often. The martial arts students are then tested to earn stripes. Each stripe represents a set of techniques that a student has learned. After completing all the stripes, a student is then qualified to start the graduation process.

One last step that Better Families requires is a form fill out by both parents and teachers. This form is to ensure that students are doing a great job at home and in the classroom. Miami Tae Kwon Do school wants their students to be successful in the dojo, at home and in the classroom. Better Families is all about bettering the lives of students and their families. Once a student has earned their entire stripe along with the form filled out with positive remarks, the graduation process begins. At a date is set on a Friday night so that family and friends can attend. This is done so that students can show everyone they have learned throughout the weeks.

Ceremony provides a show with graduating students performing along with the instructors. Graduation event is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to interact with instructors. Better Families instructors welcome any questions about the Miami TaeKwonDo school. The recent graduation was no different than any other as everyone had a great time. Graduation is about celebrating an accomplishment the student as made with many more to come. Be sure to join us next month when we graduate another set a wonderful students.

A Brief Bio of Better Families Instructors

Miami Tae Kwon Do Better Families hopes everyone enjoyed their weekend. St. Patty’s Day must have made this weekend a fun one for friends and family. There is nothing more entertaining than watching both Miami Heat and Miami Hurricanes doing so well. Better Families is a huge supporter of local sports, especially the University of Miami as the Miami Tae Kwon Do school resides in Coral Gables. Today the Tae Kwon Do school will be giving a brief overview of Better Families instructors. Tae Kwon Do instructors consist of Grand Master Diego Perez,

Master Mary Beth Klock-Perez, Master Karen Klock-Perez and Mr. Liduan Mendez. These instructors have had many years of experience in martial arts and teaching it to others. Master Mary Beth Klock-Perez is the founder and director of Better Families as she opened the school over 20 years ago. She is a 5th degree black belt in the Jhoon Rhee who brought Tae Kwon Do from Korea to the United States. Shortly after Grand Master Diego Perez joined as they both taught the school for years before receiving help with other instructors. Grand Master is a well-accomplished martial artist who continues to grow his name and reputation.

Diego Perez is an 8th degree black belt as he is the highest ranked martial artist of the school. Daughter of Diego and Mary Beth is Master Karen Klock-Perez. Karen was raised in a martial arts school, as Tae Kwon Do has been her entire life. Karen is a very highly skilled, knowledge, talented and energetic instructor who is currently the heat instructor. Mr. Liduan Mendez is another talent instructor that many students look up to as a mentor. Liduan is a 3rd degree black belt who is well known for his success as a student athlete, martial artists, instructor and overall role model. All instructors at Better Families are well-accomplished martial artists with the ability to teach others.


Getting Ready for Graduation this Month at Better Families

March is another month of the year in which Better Families will be hosting a graduation ceremony. Every month the Miami Tae Kwon Do school hosts a graduation ceremony for students who have advanced to the next belt ranking. Students are required to earn all stripes from their previous belt before testing to graduation to their next belt. Testing in order to graduate to the next belt is not an easy task as everyone works hard to pass his or her test.

Belt ranking test involves students showing what they have learned by performing the entire belt curriculum on their own without assistance. Instructor will evaluate the testing students and decide whether he or she is ready to graduate or not. Miami Tae Kwon Do students are also required to fill out a form signed by both parents and teachers. Both parents and teachers have to write how respectful their student/child is before graduating. This is important for Better Families, as we want students who excel in the dojo, home and classroom. Better Families students have a great reputation as they look to improve themselves on a daily basis.

Tae Kwon Do school does not encourage students to use their martial arts on others. A student should only use their martial arts in a defensive situation. This ceremony is for students to celebrate their accomplishment with family and friends. Both instructors and students perform for visiting family and friends present at graduation. Graduating students will be able to show off everything they have learned. This ceremony is done every month on a Friday after earlier classes. Graduation for March is this Friday as we encourage everyone to show up and have a great time.

Not Too Early to Thank About Summer Camp

Even though we are days away from spring, it’s not too early to think about summer camp. Now is the time to sign up as the camp may be full before you know. Better Families summer camp has been a long lasting tradition for families. Summer can be very difficult for parents who are still working while their children are off from school. Camps are provided by many establishments so that parents can have their children somewhere safely throughout the day. Miami Tae Kwon Do summer camp is always fun for children every year.

Camp from Better Families has the same features as most camps do including field trips, lunch and games. Better Families takes field trips to skating rings, water resorts, horse farms, bowling and more. Games include bopper sparring competition, dodge pad, tag and dance competitions. No matter what is going on, there will always be a lunch break provided. Parents even either have children bring their own lunch or give their children money and Better Families will take care of the rest. Additionally the Miami Tae Kwon Do includes a martial arts class for summer camp members. Children learn Tae Kwon Do while having a good time during their summer vacation.

Parents are able to kill four birds with one stone as their children are enjoying themselves, exercising, learning martial arts and being taken care of. Students and their friends have already been asking about and signing up for summer camp later this year. Sometimes there are too many people to sign up for summer camp, as it becomes a first come first serve process. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your and your children this summer by signing up for the Better Families Summer Camp.

Our Martial Arts Program for Adults

Better Families is a Miami Tae Kwon Do school that is both for children and adults. Our martial arts program for adults is at a higher intensity than classes for children. Learning curve is much quicker as adults’ brains are more developed. Adults are more likely to take part in sparring than children due to self-control. Classes for adults will be more about getting in shape than programs for children. There are vigorous exercises for Miami Tae Kwon Do adults from Better Families.

Many adults are more interested in activities such as cardio kickboxing and beach training. Some adult have limitations compared to children such as flexibility and overall athletic ability. Where they lack in speed and flexibility, adults have more power and discipline. Miami Tae Kwon Do adults have their own classes as their programs are at a different pace than ones for children. Not those there programs are any better or worse than classes with children. Programs for adults are generally later in the day after they get off from work. Adults also have classes in the weekends when they are not working. It’s very difficult for adults to find time to work out and exercise.

They make the most of it when they get the opportunity to do so. Better Families takes pride in having quality students whether they are adults or children. Students of all ages are welcome to learn Miami Tae Kwon Do. Elder adults are welcome to take part in Better Families classes as long as it’s healthy to do so. Miami Tae Kwon Do classes for adults are intense, exciting and stress relieving. Martial arts allow adults to get in shape while making friends and learn something new.

Friendship Tournament a Success at Better Families

Over the weekend Better Families hosted a Friendship Tournament. This tournament is for students to have a friendly competition. Friendship Tournament is a great opportunity for students to learn to perform in front of others. Many students use the Friendship Tournament as valuable experience for other martial arts tournaments. This martial arts competition involves forms, sparring and even bopper sparring for younger children. Form competition involves students displaying what they have learned in their curriculum. Students perform their form and the judges give a score.

Whichever student receives the highest total score receives the 1st place trophy. Sparring and bopper sparring work in a point system where contact leads to a point and the most points win. Sparring competition is an elimination tournament one on one until one student is left remaining. Tournament largely consists of Miami Tae Kwon Do students, as others are welcome to sign up. Instructors and advanced students help run the tournament in the school. Family and friends were present to view students compete against one another. Better Families hosts this tournament in February annually in representation of Valentine’s Day. This event was a wonderful experience for students along with their family and friends. Friendship Tournament is a smaller scale version of other martial arts tournaments to be ready for.

Check out the Better Families Facebook page to see pictures from the Friendship Tournament. Feel free to post any pictures you may have had from the event to post as well. We hope everyone had a great time as we most definitely did. This was another successful month of the Miami Tae Kwon Do school and you are the reason why. We always appreciate the support from students, their family, friends and other followers of Better Families.

Consider Better Families for Your Next Birthday Party

Miami Tae Kwon Do school Better Families hopes everyone had a great weekend. Spend a part of your weekend with us for your child’s birthday. We host birthday parties for families who are interested in celebrating their birthday party with us. Better Families can put together a fun and exciting birthday party for friends and family. There is a central mat where children can run and play while parents have chairs to sit in. Food, drinks and chairs are a good distance away from where all the action is happening.

Party starts as soon as the music begins and people are running around having a great time. Parents and their friends will be able to sit back and relax watching the others play. Depending on the child’s age, Better Families provide different service. Older children will be interested in performances and board breaking competition. There will be game including dodge pad, where children avoid getting hit by a pad. How the game works; children gather in the middle while there are throwers in each side. Throwers will attempt to land the pad on a child and then they are out. This game will continue until there is only one child left standing.

Lunch break will be provided during the party with pizza or whatever the family desires. Of course there is the candle blowing where everyone sings happy birthday. Some birthday parties include a short Tae Kwon Do class that introduces children to the martial arts. Performances are provided by instructors and advanced students so that party members can see what Miami Tae Kwon Do is all about. Celebrate your next birthday party with us at Better Families for a fun Miami Tae Kwon Do party!!

Instructor Training at Better Families

Over the weekend, Better Families hosted an instructor training class. This class was for current instructor as well as ones in training. It’s important to have these classes every once in a while, as there is always room to grow as an instructor. Martial arts instructor who believes they do not have to learn anymore are not quality instructors. Even Grand Master Diego Perez and Master Perez are learning how to become better instructors. Saturday after class the instructors and ones in training were invited to gather for this class.

They were taught new techniques learned from United Professionals. This organization is one that unifies martial arts school across the country and helps them teach and run their business better. Gathering allows instructors along with up and coming ones to share ideas and contribute. Instructors and masters of Better Families are always open to new and better ideas. Miami Tae Kwon Do school is all about constant improvement. Students and instructors at Better Families are not content with their current level, as they can always get better. It’s good to have these gatherings as well so that students and instructors can cut loose and relax.

Having a good time with each other is important to do occasionally. Without fun every once in a while, there is no point in working so hard. Instructor training was a complete success as everyone had a great time and learned a lot. Grand Master Diego Perez, Master Mary Beth Klock-Perez and Master Karen Klock-Perez were all present with their instructors and students. We are looking forward to see our instructors and students showing everything they learned over the weekend. These classes are about teaching techniques to build confidence and leadership for instructors.


The Rainy Season is Coming – Stock Up on Miami Umbrellas

We are only a few weeks away from spring as March is around the corner. Season is spring means two things, both sun and rain. Everyone enjoys the sun and warm weather while a rare few enjoy rain. Rains falls when the sun and up, especially when the sun is shinning brightly. When it’s raining outside or sun is pouring down its important to have your Miami umbrellas ready.

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These umbrellas are most useful by pool or beach areas where sun reflects off the water. People can use umbrellas in order to avoid the rain while outside. One can get sick if they are out in the rain too long or often. Nobody wants to get sick and have to stay in while everyone else is having fun outside. Stock up on Miami Umbrellas so that you can enjoy the outdoors while avoiding being sun burnt or getting sick. Now is the time to purchase umbrellas before it’s already too late and spring has begun.