Becoming a Member of Better Families Competition Team

Better Families has one of the top competition teams in the Miami Tae Kwon Do industry. A competition team will represent a martial arts school attending karate tournaments to show what they have learned. There are individual competitions where a student performs a form. A form is a one to two minute martial arts performance that is then judged by three judge through number scores. Some forms are from the curriculum of Better Families while others are created by the student and approved by an instructor. Some forms are done with weapons such as a bo staff, sword, sais, and nunchucks. There are sparring competitions in which one Miami Tae Kwon Do student will physically compete against another martial artists in fully padded gear. There will be one head judge with two supporting judges for confirmation. The judge will stop the fight once he or she has seen contact in which they will then give a point to the landing attacker. The students also compete in team competitions in which two or more students will perform a form together. The competition team is graded by the amount of success in which the team members achieved. Better Families typically allow mid level belt rankings and up join the competition team. The requirement to be on the competition teams depending on the judgment of fellow instructs as well as the head instructor.

It is important that the instructor approves as these students in the competition team are representing the Miami Tae Kwon Do School. Becoming a member of the Better Families Competition Team is a ranking within itself. Representing the Tae Kwon Do school is a large responsibility that not anyone can be trust with. The competition team is representing Better Families by showing everyone their martial arts along with creating a great reputation through discipline and respect.

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