Happy Halloween from Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do

The Miami Tae Kwon Do School Better Families wants to wish you a Happy Halloween. Enjoy your night by having a great time with your friends and family. Many of you probably dressed up for work and school during the day. There will people at Better Families dressed up for the holiday as well. Today there will also be plenty of facebook posts of Halloween costumes and tweets for quotes of the holiday. Everyone has the opportunity to cut loose from his or her everyday routine and dress up differently.

Everyday outside of Halloween we are required to dress a certain way for our job, school and even the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. Today is the one-day that you do not have to follow the dress code rules and dress however you please. We have the opportunity to use our imagination and dress up however we please. Some of you will probably come up with some silly costumes that everyone will enjoy. A karate zombie would be a fun option as being a zombie is a trend right now. There are many martial arts themed costumes to choose from.

It is important that everyone has a great time while being safe. There are many festivities for this holiday including city crowds, neighborhood walks and Halloween parties. Whether you are walking around Coconut Grove or inside of your neighborhood, it is important to be in groups near each other. Best way to be safe is by being near each other in case anything happens or anyone gets lost. Safety is really important, especially since it is really dark out at this time of the year. Better Families wants you to have a great time with your family and friends. Be sure to post your costume pictures on the facebook page so that everyone can see your costume.

Get an Intro Class Today from Better Families

Better Families want to give people of all age an opportunity to try the Miami Tae Kwon Do program. Martial artists should not be thrown into a class without an understanding of the style. It is also important to know what is to be expected as a student at the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. You lose motivation if you begin a program that is too difficult. This is why Better Families offers an introductory class to give you an understanding of the curriculum.

The introductory class gives you an overview on what Better Families is all about. Tae Kwon Do is a style that originated from Korea and brought over from Grand Master Jhoon Rhee. Jhoon Rhee has a program that Better Families follows from beginning to end. Additionally this Tae Kwon Do school focuses on the value of self-discipline and respect. We do not want students to feel behind in terms of the pace of the dojo. Everyone has their own pace for everything in life; this is no different for martial arts. This is not a Tae Kwon Do that just runs a program and forces you to follow along. Instructors will go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing. Students and instructors are both available for any questions that you may have. You are likely to have many questions when starting the Miami Tae Kwon Do program. It is better to ask questions than to make errors on your own that could have been fixed.

Students of Better Families go through a gradual process that starts with the introductory class. They are taught the basics and fundamentals of the Miami Tae Kwon Do program. Those in the introductory class are also told what is expected of them as students, athletes and as people. Improving in the Tae Kwon Do class, classroom, and household and as a person are all important.

Better Families Tae Kwon Do Belt System

The Better Families ranking process is through a belt system. New students for the Miami Tae Kwon Do school will begin with a white belt. All students will start with this belt as they are introduced to the Korean martial arts. The basics will be taught from punching, blocking and kicking. Fundamental principles to the Miami Tae Kwon Do school will be taught as well. The importance of respect and self-discipline will be taught through the rankings.

The curriculum that a student will learn at the white belt level will be the fundamentals for the higher rankings. Importance of getting the basics down cannot be stressed enough, as the fundamentals will be emphasized at all belt rankings. The next belt ranking is the gold belt when the students’ starts moving forward with more advanced Miami Tae Kwon Do techniques to learn. The belt rankings will gradually increase with time and technique learned. As the belt rankings progress, the curriculum will become more and more complex.  The closer a student is to becoming a black belt, the slower that the progress is due to the difficulty.

In the beginning rankings, limited physically ability is acceptable due to performing basic techniques. As the belt rankings progress, the student required to be physically superior in terms of strength, speed and flexibility. A student cannot surpass a certain ranking without a high level of speed, strength and flexibility. Belt rankings are not given to any of the students at Better Families; they are earned. Better Families students are within the best martial artists in the country due to the thorough process of their belt ranking system. Students who achieve the black belt are accomplished martial arts that are great athletes and are very knowledge of the Miami Tae Kwon Do program.

Better Families Focus on Students Getting Good Grades

Better Families is Tae Kwon Do Miami School that takes pride in bettering families with their lives. One way to do this is by assisting students with their schooling and encouraging good grades. Helping students with their schooling means a lot to parents. Parents are always looking to their children to do well in school, as it will help make their life easier in the future. A good education is great for a large number of reasons. Mainly good grades will lead to a better education, better job, financial stability and better overall future. Good grades do not directly translate to real world success, but it does increase the chances of doing so.

Better Families encourages students to do well in school by offering prizes and appreciation to those who are doing well in school. Members of the Tae Kwon Do Miami School will bring to everyone’s attention when somebody is doing well in school. The instructor will stop the entire school in order to announce the student’s accomplishment if he or she brings their grades with them. The school reminds their students of the importance of good grades on a consistent basis.

Better Families also has a policy in which when they graduate students, the students must have a form filled out from their school saying that they are doing a good job. This form must be filled out positively in order for the student to graduate to the next rank. Better Families focusing on students getting good grades means a lot to parents, as many sports do not high encourage good grades. Many athletes struggle with the balance between extra curricular activities and school. This happens because sports prioritize their product success so much. Parents of the Tae Kwon Do Miami School really appreciate Better Families’ focus on their students getting good grades.

The Importance of Using Tae Kwon Do for Self Defense

When learning Miami Tae Kwon Do from Better Families, self-defense is one of the main focuses in the curriculum. You can never be too young or too old to learn how to defense yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small girl or a large man that seems more than capable of defending himself.

Students at Better Families are taught how to defend themselves using Tae Kwon Do along with communication skills to avoid a bad situation. The best way to defend you is to avoid the conflict in the first place. This has to be done respectfully and delicately without any physicality.  The younger students at Better Families are taught to yell stranger danger when with a stranger rather than “stop” and “go away”. This is important because children who are upset at their parents can express those two words. These children are also taught how to defend themselves just in case they cannot remove themselves from a rough situation. Being defensive is the key to self-defense in the Miami Tae Kwon Do program. You want to ensure that the attack has to leave his or her comfort zone in order to attack you. The attack should have as little control of the situation as possible. Remove any grip or closeness that the attacker may have towards you.

When you know that you are able to defend yourself, you then have the confidence necessary in order to talk your way out of bad situations. Confidence in you is based upon having the ability to be ready for anything; this cannot be any truer than being able to defend yourself. Miami Tae Kwon Do students from Better Families are more than capable of defending themselves in many situations. Students from the Tae Kwon Do school also know how to avoid bad situation and to get themselves out of these circumstances as well.

Tight on cash? Affordable Tae Kwon Do Intro

Many of us want to try out martial arts as a form of exercise in order to get in shape. Much of America has an obesity problem, as many of us do not exercise enough along with poor dieting. One of the main contributors to this issue is the affordability of access to exercising. A lot of people want to try Miami Tae Kwon Do, but cannot afford it. People cannot afford to pay for something that they may not end up using as most of us struggle to pay for what we are using.

Fortunately Better Families is an affordable Miami Tae Kwon Do school. Introduction class is only $19.95 that includes your first class and a free uniform. The introduction class is offered so that you can be given an idea about what you are getting yourself into. Better Families does not want to just charge you a bunch of money up front, they would rather you be introduced to the product and see if you like it or not. The introductory class is a 30-minute, semi-private lesson with a black belt instructor. You will be practicing basic kicks and punches while you learn about the philosophy, respect, and discipline of the Miami Tae Kwon Do program. This will give you the jump-start you need in order to follow classes with total confidence. In the class you will learn how to move with speed, power and basic self-defense.

Better Families provides an affordable introductory class that will give you an idea with what the Miami Tae Kwon Do school is all about. The classes will help you get and remain in great shape. The school will help you work on your speed, strength, cardio and flexibility.

Two Fundamental Tae Kwon Do Kicks

Kicks in Tae Kwon Do are what stand out from the rest of the other martial arts. The Miami Tae Kwon Do style specializes in kicks, as there are a variety of kicks involved. The fundamentals must be instilled upon a student once he or she has become an apprentice before trying more difficult techniques. Two fundamental Tae Kwon Do kicks that Better Families teaches includes the front kick and round kick.
The front kick is the first kick that is taught at Better Families within the first ranking of white belt. In order to successfully perform a front kick, your body must be positioned correctly.
All kicks in Better Families require you to have your guard up at all times. This is very important in order to show good form as well as being ready for anything defensively. The positioning of a front kick requires you to have your front foot pointed forward so that your leg is creating the correct angle for your kick. You will then lift your knee straight up, then kick up, once the leg is back down keep the knee up for good form before putting the foot back down. The round kick is more complex than the front kick as your back foot must be pivoted away from your body.

The Miami Tae Kwon Do School wants you to learn how to do a front kick before attempting the round kick. The round kick you will have the front of your leg faced forward with your body as your body is turned to the side. The pivot foot in the stance creates balance and stability for when your body is sideways. For the round kick, your toes will be touching the floor as your leg is straight and your knee will bend the leg for a snap kick. Better Families ensures that their students receive the fundamental as Miami Tae Kwon Do martial artists.

Plan to Send Your Children to Our Great Karate Camps

Many parents have a hard time finding a place for their children to be when they are not available. There is that time that you have plans with your friends or extended family and you can’t make it due to children obligations. There are times in which you have an opportunity to take a vacation and can’t due to need someone to watch over your children. These cases are rare in comparison to the time when there is no school and your working; you need someone to watch over your children while working.

Better Families provide karate camps during the day for those parents that want their children watched after during the holidays. The Miami Tae Kwon Do School watches over the children while having fun and teaching them martial arts.

The holidays are coming up and children are going to start having consecutive days off. Thanksgiving weekend is coming up soon and depending on the school some children are given a week off. This a whole week in which the children are sitting alone in the households while parents are working.

Better Families provides camps specifically for the holidays, as they understand what position the parents are put in. This also gives the opportunity for parents to go Christmas shopping on their own without the children finding out what he or she is getting. Christmas vacation can last up to two weeks depending on the school. These two holidays along with other widely known days off are days that parents have trouble planning for. The Miami Tae Kwon Do School helps lend a hand with our great karate camps to take the children off your hands while teaching them martial arts. This service is provided during the summer as well for parents who work during the day.

Becoming a Member of Better Families Competition Team

Better Families has one of the top competition teams in the Miami Tae Kwon Do industry. A competition team will represent a martial arts school attending karate tournaments to show what they have learned. There are individual competitions where a student performs a form. A form is a one to two minute martial arts performance that is then judged by three judge through number scores. Some forms are from the curriculum of Better Families while others are created by the student and approved by an instructor. Some forms are done with weapons such as a bo staff, sword, sais, and nunchucks. There are sparring competitions in which one Miami Tae Kwon Do student will physically compete against another martial artists in fully padded gear. There will be one head judge with two supporting judges for confirmation. The judge will stop the fight once he or she has seen contact in which they will then give a point to the landing attacker. The students also compete in team competitions in which two or more students will perform a form together. The competition team is graded by the amount of success in which the team members achieved. Better Families typically allow mid level belt rankings and up join the competition team. The requirement to be on the competition teams depending on the judgment of fellow instructs as well as the head instructor.

It is important that the instructor approves as these students in the competition team are representing the Miami Tae Kwon Do School. Becoming a member of the Better Families Competition Team is a ranking within itself. Representing the Tae Kwon Do school is a large responsibility that not anyone can be trust with. The competition team is representing Better Families by showing everyone their martial arts along with creating a great reputation through discipline and respect.

How Tae Kwon Do Teaches You and Your Children Discipline

Better Families along with other Miami Tae Kwon Do schools are all about teaching discipline. Students learning discipline at an early age is of the utmost importance so that they can have good habits. Good habits makes things such as behaving respectfully, doing homework, working hard, and exercising a lot easier as it is habit. Discipline is one of the major factors when deciding someone is mature or immature. Parents typically enroll their children to Miami Tae Kwon Do schools in order to put in discipline to them. Tae Kwon teaches both you and your children discipline.

Better Families teaches both children and adults as the age range for the Miami Tae Kwon Do School goes from four years old to onward. We do not discriminate any person that is willing and physically able are welcomed to learn Tae Kwon Do. This gives you the opportunity to learn Tae Kwon Do and discipline through the martial arts. Tae Kwon Do teaches you discipline through the structure of the curriculum and discipline required to perform as a student. This form of martial arts stresses good technique with a solid foundation, which requires plenty of discipline. The best form of discipline for both and your children is self-discipline, you doing it by yourself.  The ability to have discipline on your own without having to be told is the best form of discipline. This ability leads to plenty of success along with being a mature adult. Self-discipline will create success in the classroom, sports, cleanliness, as well as the business world.

The Miami Tae Kwon Do School Better Families teaches you and your children discipline through the martial arts curriculum. Self-discipline is one of the main goals within the curriculum for students of the Tae Kwon Do school.