Better Families Winter Show December 14th, 2012

Winter season has started as the temperature as dropping and the weather in perfect here in South Florida. Many families are continuing with their Christmas shopping and making plans for holiday events. There are many events for the holidays as family and friends are coming in from out of town. Better Families is holding a holiday event of their own. The Miami Tae Kwon Do school will be hosting a winter show next Friday December 14th, 2012.

This event will feature graduating students who will be going from one rank to the next. These graduating students will be doing a performance to show what they have learned. Graduating students’ parents will be present in order to share their child’s accomplishment. Most graduations have instructors and sometimes students give a performance for family and friends to enjoy. This winter event will be special as the performance will be larger with more events and flashiness. Sometimes they will dress up for the holiday season or have colors matching the Christmas season. Everyone is invited whether your friend or family member is graduating or not. Better Families wants everyone to come over whether you are a Miami Tae Kwon Do student or not. There are many events to take part of this holiday season; Better Families Winter Show is one that you should not miss out on.

Better Families wants everyone to have a good time and enjoy the holiday season. Be sure to relax and have a good time by taking advantage of all the events available. Many friends and family will be coming in town to spend time with you. As a reminder, make sure you are being healthy by regularly exercising and eating good food whenever you can.

Get in Shape Ahead of the Holiday Season

Holiday season is the time when many get out of shape for various reasons. Some people are too busy between festivities, shopping, work and everything in order to work out. There are others who are simply eating badly due festivities. Exercising is in the back of people’s mind, especially those who are not in sports. It seems that only people who are active in sports work out during this time of year due to requirement. More people get in worse shape than good during the holiday season. Best idea is to get in shape ahead of the holiday season and maintain it.

Getting in shape requires the combination of a good diet and exercising. Good diet is not as available during the holiday season due to the amount of feasting. Some people do not like to work out outside as they find it too cold. There are others who enjoy working out with this weather. Working out inside is always the answer as it can’t rain out or ever get too dark. Exercising in a building avoids the nightfall issue, as it gets darker earlier at night now.

Better Families is a Miami taekwondo that is available to work out inside of. This school will be open during the holiday season outside of Christmas day and New Years. One can start getting in shape now at Better Families and maintain it at the Miami taekwondo school. Maintaining good shape is almost more important than getting in shape. Many people have gotten in shape at one point of their life, but could not maintain it. Get in shape ahead of the holiday season now at Better Families so that you can enjoy it while feeling good about yourself.

Consider Better Families Merchandise Gifts This Holiday Season

Holiday season is happening, as the weather is getting colder than any other time of year. Everyone is looking to grab their winter clothes that have been sitting in their closets all year round. Some of us have to buy clothes for the weather for various reasons. Some of us have outgrown, shrunk and lost clothes or simply they are outdated. There are a large variety of clothes to choose from between jackets, long sleeves and more. When you are choosing winter clothes to buy, consider checking out merchandise from Better Families

Better Families is a Miami Tae Kwon Do school that offers affordable merchandise to choose from. Tae Kwon Do school offers both long sleeve shirts as well as sweaters. The school’s merchandise is branded with the main logo of the school, which looks very cool. There are multiple colored shirts and sweaters to choose from. Before Better Families generally has black clothes to offer as their main colors are black and yellow. Recently the Miami Tae Kwon Do school has opened up to a variety of colors to choose from. There are other items that would be great to purchase for the holiday season. Those who are interested in martial arts would enjoy having their own Better Families memorabilia.

Students and non-students both would like rip their gift-wrappings in order to find Tae Kwon Do gear. Most children like the idea of ninjas as they are considered amongst kids everywhere. Any form of martial arts is considered interesting and unique to young children. Students from the Miami Tae Kwon Do school would greatly appreciate one for those items as a holiday gift. Some students may have been eyeing certain gear at the gift shop they have desired throughout the year. Better Families merchandise gifts should be worth considering for holiday present this season.

Explaining the Belt System at Better Families

Better Families is a Miami Tae Kwon Do school that has been around for over 20 years. Longevity of this school is rare, as most martial arts school do not last up to 10 years successfully. This martial arts school teaches Tae Kwon Do that originates from Korea. Belt system in this school starts from white belt and ends at black belt in the basic curriculum. Those who have become black can continue to advance to degrees upon black belt up to 10 degrees. Once a martial artist is a 10th degree black belt they are considered a grand master.

White belt is the original belt that a Better Families student begins with. Students who are ranked white belt are taught the basics and fundamentals of the Miami Tae Kwon Do program. Better Families has a stripe system within belt rankings as students earn all stripes before testing for the next belt. Each stripe represents what the students have learned. A stripe is confirmation that the students have learned that particular skill. As the belt ranking progress, curriculum becomes more detailed and complex than the previous belt. Later belt rankings are in preparation for becoming a black belt. One of the major goals for martial artists everywhere is to become a black belt.

A test in order to go up belt ranking involves showing what you have learned as a martial artist. Better Families students are also required a letter of consent from school and home saying that students has behaving well both at home and in the classroom. Showing respect and self-discipline in the house and school is important in order to progress to the next belt ranking. These Miami Tae Kwon Do students are known their good behavior and respect along with their martial arts technique.

Happy Thanksgiving from Better Families – Being Thankful for Health, Friends, Family

Miami Tae Kwon Do school Better Families wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Today is the day where many family and friends will gather to enjoy each other’s company. This holiday allows many of us to take the day off and relax. Many of us work almost everyday throughout the year in order to provide for family and ourselves. Most of us need the rest, as many of us are so exhausted. Families especially are tired between working, school, children and housework.

Large families everywhere will be gathering their family members for a huge feast. It is easy to lose track of family members when one is so large. Young children will be shown grown up before your very own eyes. Some babies’ will be featured to family for the first time. Family members will be able to update each other about their personal and professional lives. Great amount of delicious will be available, as many families have been preparing for this event for days. Grocery stores have been packed in anticipation for this day. This is the one-day that we are granted permission to overeat as this only day a year. Some family members will be seeing each other for the first time in a while. Today with phones and various media we are able to keep contact with distant members, but it is not the same as being with them in person.

Better Families understands the value of family. Students, instructors and parents are all a small family of their own. Miami Tae Kwon Do school’s main focus and goal as a program is to better the lives of students and their families. This event is exactly what Better Families is all about, families being together and thankful for each other. Better Families wants everyone to be thankful for their health, family and friends.



Fight Holiday Weight Gain with Better Families Fitness Training

Holiday season is the time of year when some of us let ourselves go. It can easily happened as many of us are gathering for the first time in a while and feasting. Cold weather stops a number of people from working out as well. A lot of us are really busy with events and holiday shopping while still working. It is easy to forget about exercising and having a good diet. This is especially true as this week is Thanksgiving, the day in which a lot of us overeat. Make sure you fight the holiday weight gain by training at Better Families. Miami Tae Kwon Do school provides a variety of ways to get in shape.

Better Families classes exhaust your cardio as well as muscles through exercising. Stretching is encouraged so that students do not become injured and stop working out. Often times many people will start working out to only get injured and stop, this usually happens due to lack of stretching. Miami Tae Kwon Do classes are active from beginning to as your body will not for a long period of time. Better Families also provides fitness training specifically to get or stay in shape. The Tae Kwon Do school changes the fitness training from beach training, cardio kickboxing and more. Change of pace is good so that the body does not become accustomed to the activity. As soon as the body becomes accustomed to the activity, there will no longer be results.

Staying in shape can be difficult, especially at the time of year. One can very easily gain a few pounds over a number of weeks due to inactivity. Better Families is providing ways for you to get in shape or simply stay in shape. The Miami Tae Kwon Do school’s goal is to create good habits for yourself so that you naturally work out without have to force your body to do so.

Better Families Unique Martial Arts Style

Better Families martial art style is Tae Kwon Do that originates from Korea. Grand Master Jhoon Rhee brought this style from Korea to America for others to learn. The Miami Tae Kwon Do school represents this country as there is a Korean flag next to an American glad. This style is about the unity of these countries as there is a form representing their relationship. In this form students will be holding on to two small flags, one of the United States and one of Korea.

Tae Kwon Do is a martial arts that is known for their strong fundamentals. Martial artists everywhere can tell you when they hear about Tae Kwon Do, they think of kicking. Better Families students are excellent kickers with excellent leg strength and flexibility. Kicking is a great way to create distance between you and your opponent. There are a variety of kicks such as the sidekick, front kick, round kick and more. Students from the Miami Tae Kwon Do are skilled kickers with both legs. Skilled footwork allows students from Better Families to excel in other sports. Legs are important for all sports, especially in football, soccer and basketball.

Even though Tae Kwon Do is known for their kicking, Better Families students maneuver and punch strong as well. Students at the Miami Tae Kwon Do school are well rounded martial artists who can defend themselves in any fighting situation. Versatility is important when engaging in combat as anything can happen in a fight. Most students at Better Families rarely ever have to fight as they have the confidence and speaking skills to talk themselves out of bad situations. All the skills learned allow students to be confident in their abilities and know that they do not have to use their fists in order to fix conflicts.

Better Families Weekend Schedule

Better Families is a family Miami Tae Kwon Do school that understands the value of weekends. Many families exhaust themselves throughout the week between school, work, activities and other responsibilities. Some families may want to take the weekend off while others are much more active. There are students who want to take classes whenever given the opportunities. Better Families gives everyone the opportunity to take classes along with time off to enjoy the week.

Friday is an early day as the last class ends roughly an hour earlier than the rest of the weekdays. This day is when Better Families holds graduation ceremonies. Classes will end early so that parents can come over and watch their children graduate to the next ranking. Saturday is a day that starts and ends early so that parents can enjoy most of the day. Classes start at 9AM instead of 3PM, as most people do not have school or working in the morning. Birthday parties and other events are available on Saturday as the last class ends at 2PM. Weekends at Better Families are days in which there is flexibility for graduation ceremonies, parties, events, classes and tournaments. Sunday is the one day that Better Families is closed. Everyone has family that they should spend time with. Occasionally birthday parties are available for parents who want to have a Miami Tae Kwon Do birthday party on that day.

Better Families takes advantage of weekends in order to get many activities done for students and their families to enjoy. Weekends are also when the competition goes to tournaments to show what the Miami Tae Kwon Do school is all about. There are a variety of activities to choose from during a Better Families weekend.

Learn Ancient Martial Art Forms at Better Families

Better Families is a Miami Tae Kwon Do school that teaches traditional Korean martial arts. This is not a school that is about flashy moves to look cool for others. This Miami Tae Kwon Do school teaches the fundamentals of martial arts starting at the white belt level. Better Families curriculum is not a patchwork set of forms created by an instructor, but stems from the original Korean martial arts.

A form is a one to three minute demonstration of martial arts displaying one defending him or her. A traditional form is strictly from the curriculum that consists of the basics. There are further complex traditional forms as students go up the rankings at the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. Traditional forms allow you to learn ancient Korean martial arts that have been passed down for generations. Students have great form due to focus and discipline required from the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. Both student and instructor think out creative forms as it consists of basics along with some imagination. Creative forms are generally for show and competition in which they have a division for this style of form. There is a competition team that uses both traditional and creative forms for tournaments. This team is among the highest ranked Tae Kwon Do schools in the country. Better Families had students who represented the United States in Tae Kwon Do.

Students from Better Families have great basics that they learn from their traditional forms. You can point out a student from Better Families by simply watching them perform a traditional form. There are many martial arts schools that focus on other matters such as being flashy, creative forms or fighting while this Miami Tae Kwon Do school focuses on the basics.


Upcoming Karate Camps for Your Children

The holiday season is coming Halloween recently passed and Thanksgiving is only around the corner. Many families will be gathering from in and out of town. Schools and businesses are taking days off as everyone needs a break from all the hard work. This is some trouble, as some kids will have school off while parents are still working. Normally children are at school while parents are working. Change of pace throws everything off a bit. There are usually only camps for summer and spring breaks.

Better Families understands this struggle as the owners are parents them. That is why the Miami Tae Kwon Do school offers camps for the holidays. This is great for parents who want their children to be somewhere outside the house while they are working. Children at this camp are not sitting around as they are participating in activities along with learning some Tae Kwon Do. Parents will appreciate having these options, as the holiday season can be very hectic. This will also give parents the opportunity to get errands done while the children are at the Miami Tae Kwon Do school. Parents will be able to get Christmas shopping done for the children while they are at Better Families. Schools give students two weeks off for the holidays at the end of the year. Two weeks is a long time for a lot of parents to be in charge of their children while working. There is so much happening during the holiday’s season, Better Families camps will be parents the opportunity to get everything done.

The Miami Tae Kwon Do school knows how it is for parents and everything that they have to get done. Parents also deserve a break from everything they do between working, taking care of the house, providing their children and taking care of them. These parents should take advantage of this opportunity by getting errands done ahead of time and enjoying themselves.