Better Families will be closed for 2 weeks.

Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do will follow the Public School closing schedule for your safety and all of your families.

(For the next 2 weeks)

With global attention on the COVID-19 outbreak, each day brings more uncertainty for our communities and our school. Better Families is closely monitoring developments on the outbreak and are taking the appropriate steps — consistent with CDC and WHO recommendations — to help support the ongoing health and safety of our parents, students and instructors.

We know that first and foremost on your mind is making sure you are taking the appropriate precautions to care for yourself, your family, and others around you.

We have heard from a lot of our parents and students in the most recent weeks and days, and I wanted to share the latest from us.

·      Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do will follow the Public School closing schedule for your safety and all of your families. (For the next 2 weeks)

·      During the time of closing we will be monitoring the latest developments and continue to provide information to our parents and students.

·      Meanwhile, Better Families has been carefully detailing and cleaning the school to ensure the safety of our students.

·      We were asking all of our instructors and staff members to take appropriate preventative measures. This includes regular and consistent use of hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray and wipes, increased cleaning and sanitizing of our school.

·      We have been paying attention to doors handles, kicking and punching pads, handle bars, faucets, computers, floor mats, light switches and many others items too long to list.

·      We have stopped the practice of high fives, student’s contact, sparring, graduations, and public events.

·      The promotion of your next belt, if you have all requirements, will be handle in class when the school resumes.

·      Parent’s night out is Cancel and we will be announcing our next Parent’s night out when is safe to do it.

·      We’re also encouraging any employee who does not feel well to stay home, get well, and avoid interacting with parents and students.

·      We will be posting blogs and practice tips on our website and Better Families FaceBook page

·      If you have any concern and or you would like to contact us you can do it via messenger, our e-mail address (, or leave a message on our school number (305-663-1882) and we will get be back with you.

We have extensive experience in planning for and responding to a wide variety of situations locally and remain committed to supporting every one of our students. Stay safe, as this will pass soon.

Free T-shirt

Attention Facebook users…  If you check in today while in Better Families and take a picture of you doing any of our classes, from Children Classes to Adult and Family Classes, you will receive a free T-shirt.  (while supplies last)  This is only good for today, Wednesday, September 28, 2011.

Parent’s Night Out

Our Parent’s night out are full of fun and save activities.  On this night party time…  Dancing until you drop!  3 hours full of games, music and games.  During this time you can take out you spouse or special one for dinner or maybe catch that movie you want to see.

When:  Friday, September 23, 2011

Where:  Better Families Through Tae Kwon Do (5754 Bird Road)

Time: 7:00 to 10:00 pm

For more detail please email Master Karen at

September 2011 Graduation

Friday, September 16, 2011 belt graduation at 7:00 pm.  Students with all color stripe will be participating in our next graduation.  If you are missing one stripe to graduate, please see an Instructor to schedule your stripe support class before Graduation.

Make sure all “Intent to Promotes”  and graduation requirements are turned before Graduation night.  All families and friends are welcome to celebrate with you your new belt!!!


Tomorrow Friday, May 13, 2011 Better Families celebrate Graduation for all belts.  Students are welcome to invite Family and Fiends to Graduation night.  Ceremony is to start at 7:00 pm.  Congratulation to the 😯 plus students graduating.