A Special Note for Parents for Summer Camp this Year

Miami Tae Kwon Do school is proud to announce that this year we will be continuing our long tradition of hosting summer camp. We are already weeks into it and it is already better than ever before. Here is a note from Miss Karen for parents of summer camp students this year.

Dear Parents, Better Families is always finding ways to get more organized and more done in less time. In order to make this happen we are asking if you would be on the same train as us by pre-paying all lunches and craft fees that may apply to you. Safety is always our main goal! Please make sure that all campers are wearing Better Families t-shirts everyday (Friday is FREE day, campers may wear appropriate clothing other than the camp uniform). It is suggested to bring all TKD items (Uniform, Belt and Gear) just in case we use them throughout the camp (Pro-shop will hold special discounts for any camp purchases). Campers may NOT bring any DS’s, iPods or any expensive items unless it is on FREE Fridays ONLY. Better Families will NOT be held responsible for any losses or damages to any and all electrical devices. If your camper does not own a TKD uniform you may purchase one at our pro- shop at a discounted rate, or campers may wear sports bottoms (Better Families t-shirt mandatory). As we all know children are infamous for misplacing items, so please write full names on camper’s personal belongings.
Lunches are available (See attachment for details) for only $5 a day, this will include a snack for later on in the day, or campers may bring their own lunches. Fridays are our pizza day, if you would prefer your child not have pizza please let us know in advance so we can make arrangements to meet your expectations.

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